Back wen my family had only 4 siblings .. we had a giant ‘66 Mercury wagon. Memories .. getting carsick in the ‘way back’ with its rear-facing seats, good times.

We call it the trunk because, back in the day, there wasn’t a luggage compartment on the rear of the car. There was a rack attached to the back of the car, and to that you strapped down...a trunk.

Maybe these RAV4 buyers didn’t know that they could get an interesting car instead.” Read more

Here’s a better game to play. Drive through the Deep South and count the number of billboards advertising strip clubs and the number of billboards advertising churches. This combines breaking your brain with the fun of having a really close contest.

Sold my POS Dodge Regular Cab 8 Foot Bed Manual Transmission Pickup for $2,800 on Sunday. 2 Scammers, 1 legit no show and 1 dude with a stack of cash and another dude he had to put to work on Monday. Read more

I love how you morons think everyone else has the same child’s view of society that you do. Read more

fuel price said $5.02 per gallon of marine grade fuel, or $4.02 per gallon if you bought at least 100 gallons”  Read more

The diesel swaps and the 4WD conversions are my favorites. I read those kind of like I read David Tracy posts: the part of me that will forever be 15 is going “fuck yeah!” And the part of me that’s actually almost forty is going “you fucking morons.”  Read more

Eh, I mean making that kind of sweeping statement is a great way to be proven wrong. I will agree that in my experience, Toyota drivers tend to be one extreme or the other: they either ignore maintenance altogether, or are obsessive about it. And, I mean... Toyota makes more than Camrys and Rav4s. They make some Read more

It’s the 25 year olds. Millenials are considerably more liberal, but more conservative (in the life-choices sense), than the Xers and Boomers that preceded them. Read more

Don’t read too much into the “Ok boomer” thing. It’s largely a way to be trendy while complaining about old people like every generation before has done. Same way “millennial” is almost a slur in some circles.  Read more

No contest. Tesla Model 3.

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Imma let you finish.... but you talk about engine singing when revving higher for more power with more sound... and then your Chris Cornell example is like a clip of a cold start with idle. You couldn’t pick nearly any other Cornell voiced song? Cochise? Spoon Man? Burden in my hand? The day I tried to live?

Or you could just not reply. That was also a viable option. Read more

Or you could just not reply. That was also a viable option.

I’ve never met a poor farmer in this country.  You get paid when the crop comes in, you get paid (by the government or insurance company) when it doesn’t. Read more

What they should do is start their own branded hip replacement clinics and line of homecare equipment. HD branded oxygen and dialysis machines should be a huge hit and fit right in with their ‘lifestyle’ image.
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I was in San Diego last week. The waterfront area looked terrible with the littered electric scooter. Not saying the 3rd party was in the right. The electric scooter craze needs to end. Read more