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Nov 24

Also I don’t want or need to exercise 7 days a week and it’s annoying to me that you can’t skip that ring.

Nov 5

Garmin has unified their charging cable across their smartwaches a couple years ago. A Forerunner can use a Fenix charger, which can use a VivoActive charger, etc. All the same now.

Oct 16

Yeah, this is also how most people read it! When I look at the price of the iPhone 12 Pro, and it says “$999) I read that in my head as “a thousand dollars) because that’s what it is. Victoria, don’t listen to this dingus. Your articles are always fantastic and there is no problem with you or anyone else seeing $879 Read more

Oct 15

No, keep Tan France away from me. As much as I like those guys, they have a streak of calling certain items or choices infantilizing and childish, especially with their male subjects. It comes off as “you gotta do this to be a man” kinda stuff, which if they heard someone say it that way, I’m sure they’d also hate. Read more

Oct 13

Bitter almond and bitter apricot kernels contain cyanide! No one should be eating them! That is definitely the worst deal of all.

Oct 13

Thanks, I hate that several people decided hell yeah, I’m going to spend $14 on these pair of knockoff Oakleys with the SEO-pumped name. You look like a blue douche.

Oct 6

“While I do not have a penis, the idea of having a bladed rotary power tool producing sparks near my genitals is making me wince in solidarity.” Read more

Sep 29

I’m in the midst of trying to figure out Apple watches for the holidays, and plan on buying them for myself and my elderly mother. Your articles on the subject have been extremely helpful. I absolutely would have bought two Series 3s if you weren’t here dispensing smart watch wisdom. Now I realize I would be fine with Read more

Sep 11

Thats what I meant.  Just kidding, I completely didnt notice, but you are correct.  It is still a terrible band for that watch.  Proportions like Gru.

Aug 19

Can you please have Pablo review every product along with your review thank you for your time