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10:47 AM

Presumably this works with an accelerometer or something? What do you reckon justifies the price tag? Recouping R&D costs for the device and app? Read more

12:59 PM

Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
Run away, I’ve got to
Get away from the pain you rip from the taint of me
The joke we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I’ve lost my light
For I toss and turn, I can’t sleep at night

Once I ran from you (I ran)
Now I’ll run to you
This tainted band aid you’ve shown
I won’t wince like you pull Read more

11:52 AM

My father has had a long and complicated career, and, while not as intense as your father’s, the events around and before the Vietnam War are similar. Read more

11:41 AM

Wow, that was a fascinating and harrowing read. As someone who had 3 out of 4 grandparents involved in vaguely “diplomatic” and “technical” positions in the government about which they would only ever talk obliquely this was... A hell of a perspective to read.

12:55 PM

This was a very, very long article about an entirely fictional dildo. I’m not sure how to feel about it.

12:43 PM

Those “z-axis” cross section views are not correctly labeled, they should have section lines on the side view to show where the “cut” view was taken. Read more

12:42 PM

I wondered about this when I read the article talking about Congressional investigations, but I’ve never understood why ticket fees are so exorbitant. Read more

4:46 PM

I saw the creator on To Tell the Truth. He’s at the senior end of middle age, and probably the type that rarely wears earbuds. That may explain a LOT. (And yes, he was the oldest of the three “contestants,” and most celebs thought it was the twenty-something girl who was the real inventor.)

12:25 PM

I just bought mine (also the same as yours in the pic) over the weekend and I LOVE IT.

PROTIP: if you flick your wrist a couple of times, the hands move around so you can see the display under it right?

Also some people would wanna know double tapping the watch brings up the light. It’s like that old school fossil Read more

12:08 PM

What can possibly go wrong?
It’s interesting how Apple and Google take so diametrically opposed sides on privacy: Google wants to know as much as possible from its users, and Apple wants to know as less as possible (just the other day we learned how Apple TV+ can’t know what we watch, so the recommendations “suck”).

Ap Read more

11:57 AM

“Clearing your cache” now takes a financial meaning too. 

9:28 AM

As someone who had the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE (pre-recall and pre LG Sport), I can attest to this. The antenna’s were inside the band, and I HATED it. I have smaller wrists and this thing was just a behemoth sitting there, with a very unforgiving band. Break the band, and the watch was junk. 

4:51 PM

I’ve got to say - I’m slightly disappointed in what they’ve offered me. The APR is okay at 17.99%.  I’m over 800 credit score.  With only a couple hundred tied up in my current cards which get paid off weekly (I use them to live off of instead of cash or my bank cards).  This is also the lowest card offer I’ve Read more

5:27 PM

I got approved for $40k at 18% with a ~800 credit score, so there’s definitely some variation in how they’re scoring these accounts.