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12:38 PM

profits baaaaybeeeeeeee!!! the more I learn about wearables, the more it seems like the hardware itself isn’t the expensive bit. You could probably cobble together a DIY version of this that’s cheaper but perhaps not as “polished” vis a vis design + app.

12:19 PM

I’ve been doing yoga and upper-body strengthening exercises like 3-4 times a week to try and fix my posture. It’s been working slowly but really my problem is hunching over while writing....and considering I spend...the majority of my waking hours doing that...

9:06 AM

would love to hear if it doesn’t because it’s 2020 and skincare needs to be way more inclusive than it is.

10:51 PM

There are 3 cartridges that hold moisturizer, SPF, and serums/antioxidants 

8:18 PM

Lol. A 5K is not my long run. That’s my multiple times-weekly “short” run. I like to use 5K as a benchmark as the “first longer distance” when testing products, if that makes sense. Fwiw, I’m not ashamed of my speed; I worked hard to get to my 9'30"/mile pace. I just know that’s on the slower side. :)

4:39 PM

He was 59 but yeah. I am also uncertain how many wives he had during his lifetime but the number is, from what I can gather from my family, at least 3. 

12:25 PM

thank you so much for sharing that. I am so paranoid because I know how much of it sounds bizarre and ridiculous, and all the holes where things don’t make 100% sense. I’ve been trying my whole life to figure it out and finally accepting this is the best I can do within the confines of my fallible memory and Read more

12:12 PM

All I can say is it happened, I don’t understand it years later, and I have not ruled out—as I wrote in my story—that my father was deranged and paid actors to trick me even as he was falling into dementia. Any which way, it was a fucked up thing that actually happened and left me with massive therapy bills.

4:34 PM

It’s a photo format on iPhones; it’s like taking photos that move...a teeny tiny bit

12:59 PM

nothing more insulting than making a dildo of your ex’s schlong but putting an “owl-related” counterweight aka the thing that actually makes the whole thing vibrate. truly a chef’s kiss of a diss. 

12:41 PM

Tony’s glasses definitely are the thing most people think of as what an “ideal” pair. At least by sci-fi terms. 

1:55 PM

Hi! So I linked to the actual report by Checkmarx, which goes into a little more detail. I believe the researchers kept it a bit vague on purpose, but from what I gathered their mockup malicious app only needed to ask for permission to storage before being able to manipulate the camera app into giving it further access Read more

2:30 PM

I used to be that way too, but surprisingly I don’t mind so much—running with a leather strap isn’t ideal, but at least in the cold weather my wrist doesn’t get sweaty enough to do much damage. In general, smartwatches are lighter than they used to be and DO give you more stats during your run than a dedicated Read more

4:45 PM

So like I mentioned, it’s not an exact 1:1 replacement. Spiritually, it feels as close to a Pebble a hybrid has gotten in recent years but the one big thing it’s missing is an app ecosystem and a dedicated community. I got calendar the sense that it was pushed from my phone but nothing more advanced Read more