5/24/21 1:46PM

I’ll take “Things No One Asked For, Wanted, or Needed” for $200, Alex Aaron LeVar.

4/08/21 10:45AM

honey, my baby queer self was actually asking this so don’t be surprised that some of us will love this.

12/07/20 1:28PM

Question for the AV Club staff: when did the site’s house style officially change to “be so smug and snarky that whatever credible point might be buried in the article is invalidated”?
Read more

11/21/20 6:35PM

No, I’m not, and I’m not even sure what you mean by that. You claimed that neuroatypical people are never cast in neurotypical roles. I listed a fair number of neuroatypical actors who were mostly cast in neurotypical roles (or at least roles where the character in question was never explicitly stated to be on the Read more

11/13/20 7:01PM

I'd add a small addendum to one tip: don't worry about it if you suck at parrying. I've finished every souls game able to count on one hand the number of enemies I've parried, I'm terrible at them and I can't get a backstab off to save my life, and it's not a big deal.

11/02/20 12:11PM

I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong with hitting a Disney exec, though I don’t recommend doing it in the same way you’d hit a Warner exec. An openhanded slap is justified, if all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning. If the exec is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody minded Read more

10/07/20 12:18AM

The problem is that you’re looking at it as a “territory control game.”  It’s not.  it’s a bluffing and negotiation game.

10/02/20 2:16AM

The honest dream is that he’s alive but requires treatment that’s impossible to hide, forcing him to either stay in the shadows or reveal his weakened state, both of which are a nightmare for a self-obsessed lunatic. Read more

9/28/20 7:14PM

I wholeheartedly agree (while peeking out sheepishly from behind a curtain).

9/27/20 9:53AM

Yeah I’ve been wondering whether or not Vought has a contingency plan in case Homelander goes rogue, and now I’m realizing it’s probably just Stormfront. She shows up and joins The 7 as Homelander becomes more unstable, and begins with trying to control him emotionally, while showing that she’s not worried about him Read more

5/08/20 7:17PM

I’ll never forget when Heather casually stated that Dishonored “lacked character” in her review of it’s sequel. I was shocked, not just because I disagreed, but because she treated its lack of character as a given, despite almost unanimous critical praise for the game’s setting and tone. Read more

3/04/20 1:48PM

we’re probably 12-16 years away from the lib wetdream AOC presidential run, so until then, unfuck the senate, unfuck the house, and get someone elected who will not destroy the fucking supreme and circuit courts with goblin judges. Read more

2/11/20 12:47PM

I will update this article in nine years when the final episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake is out. Read more

12/19/19 7:49PM

Great argument, solid contribution. “You participate in society” for the umpteenth time from an unimaginative nobody.

12/18/19 7:16AM

Hot take: everyone has been taking Star Wars way way way way way more seriously than they should have been since about 1993 at least, if not earlier, and everyone should shut up about it for a few years. Read more

12/11/19 3:39PM

I don’t think the casino sequence was pure folly. Finn ditched the First Order because he was uncomfortable with murdering innocents, but had yet to be confronted with the broader damage done by the First Order. And the broom kid—he was inspired by Rose and Finn. It also sets up what Rose does for Finn in the climax. Read more

11/27/19 6:36PM

We do understand why they’re upset, which is exactly why we’re making fun of them.