6/03/21 2:02PM

And also kids, try to remember that video game developers aren’t the ones sending PIs to people’s houses. That is usually a decision by the risk management team and the lawyers, so don’t go after the artists and the coders and the community managers.

6/03/21 1:56PM

Laugh it up now, but what you’re all laughing at is Canada’s next Grime Minister.

6/02/21 10:09AM

No Man’s Sky is a perfect example that the Games as a Service model is not inherently bad, it’s just the profit maximizing approach to it that sucks. Read more

5/24/21 5:27PM

What’s the line on how little of its budget this will make back? Because there is no conceivable chance this movie will break even.

5/12/21 2:44PM

I don’t dislike her. But as a person who is related to several people who have survived horrific sexual abuse from my grandfather, I really hate the use of the term “survivors” here. Read more

5/07/21 9:00AM

The success of EQ’s tank-healer-DPS triangle really killed the MMO genre. Pre-WOW, the genre really had life and devs freely experimented with the humanity based weirdness that resulted from gathering lots of players. Read more

4/07/21 4:04PM

Makes sense. I know when I watched 101 Dalmatians as a kid, all I could think was “Why is this movie about all of these puppies when we should be following this adult woman and her career in the fashion and dog skinning industries.”

4/07/21 7:19AM

Are we totally sure we’re not already seeing them? I feel like he might have a split-wiener-threaded-testicle situation going on

4/06/21 5:23PM

I think its probably both in this case? My guess is it this stereotypical slang that white writers thought was funny that was already stale in the 90's, became the character’s catchphrase on Teen Titans, because they have a non-diverse, hacky writer’s room.

4/02/21 8:50AM

“...a highly anticipated exploration of the existential strangeness of Jack Kirby’s venerable Fourth World blend of mythology and comics” Read more

4/02/21 8:35AM

Oh I’m not going to argue that you should ditch DF to play MH, or choose MH over anything else. You can have both! Read more

3/30/21 8:04PM

I felt this too, and then I had some friends show me how to play and eventually I got it. It feels repetitive and mediocre when you start, and its not for everyone, but it really is a game that thrives in the nuances. Read more

3/30/21 5:26PM

I wrestle with the now frequent take of games valuing one’s time or not. On one hand, I get streamlining or cutting grindy busy work. And Gacha games are always going to at least lean in favor of making things longer, since time spent in game means more potential money for them. Read more

3/30/21 3:03PM

Regarding the question of “what does that have to do with his new position”: do you really want to make the argument that person’s previous job is not relevant in an article about their hiring? Because I can make a much better argument that this context should be included on every article about any notable hire. Read more

3/21/21 10:12AM

I think they may currently be in the glory days of a harvest period, cashing in on a big increase in the number of gamers in the last few years of Blizzard’s reputation as a premiere maker of games. Read more

3/19/21 5:00PM

Yea I’m with you on the horns, I’m in the opposite camp of the author on the battle theme because of that. Read more

3/15/21 6:24PM

I honestly don’t know about that, and I think there’s some serious evidence to suggest the contrary. Read more

3/12/21 8:50AM

Two apples per day! Also take space in your stomach at a low calorie density, so they’re great as a primary snack for losing weight. Read more