9/29/19 4:15PM

He’s got a 33-32 conference record, in one of the softest major conferences in the country. At WSU, he’s been to the New Mexico, Sun, Holiday, Holiday and Alamo bowl. In 17 full seasons, he’s won zero conference championships. Read more

9/28/19 8:29PM

White Supremacy has been the top rated activity in this hemisphere since 1492, yo. 

9/26/19 10:35PM

Is this some kind of joke? The cowards are speaking on background like we give a fuck. They realize this will backfire and increase her popularity, right? lol
Read more

9/21/19 9:55AM

What win? People keep claiming that there would be some win claiming what happened to Clinton but let’s look at what happened after Clinton’s impeachment. Yes he did keep his seat but the Republicans gains seats in the damn house and senate and took the damn white house. So what loss is there in forcing the Read more

9/20/19 4:37PM

feel free to stare blankly at your cellphone or computer screen as you attempt to process what you just witnessed. Read more

9/18/19 1:21PM

I’ll try to explain, but only because it seems like you’re asking a genuine question here. Read more

9/11/19 1:29PM

If you see these films and sympathize with the leads that’s you bringing your own baggage to the table. Travis Bickle, perhaps the archetype for them, was never meant to be sympathetic.

9/11/19 11:55AM

It’s been said a gobillion times before but the best characterization of the Joker was in Batman: The Animated Series (which also gave us Harley Quinn). They couldn’t fall back on violence or sex or sexual violence (ugh) or sheer insanity to make the Joker interesting so they actually had to make the Joker, you know, Read more

8/14/19 4:34PM

But does it get under his shell?  Because, if not, he can simply draw his arms, legs and head inside that thing and hide for hours.  

8/14/19 4:32PM

Guys, if we don’t consider the impact of angering the racists by calling them racist are we really being fair to the racists? I think we should let them just be racist in peace. Read more

8/14/19 3:48PM

Sometimes I really struggle to find any coherent narrative that this website tries to present. You simultaneously post some of the most politically petty and journalistically dull articles imaginable, then turn around and attack other elements or incidents within politics, many of which do exactly what the editorial Read more

8/14/19 3:31PM

Counterpoint: Moscow Mitch is an excellent moniker because it gets under his skin. It is an excellent moniker because it is sauce for the goose and it is replying in kind to what his mascot in the Oval Office does approximately thirty times a day on average. It is an excellent moniker because, as it contains only Read more

8/14/19 3:29PM

Counterpoint: from all accounts, the nickname seems to seriously piss him off, and I enjoy that very much, so I suggest that everyone continue using it. Thank you.