Oct 19 2015

The Noble M600 disagrees with your transverse-only statement.

Jul 30 2015

I think we have a winner of the bunch. I love the styling of it as well.

Apr 8 2015

So Mr. Fisker doesn’t know that he doesn’t own work done for another company eh?

Apr 8 2015

Well Henrik Fisker did design the V8 Vantage as well as the DB9 (with Ian Callum) so can you really call it a rip off? More like some hazy IP overlap.

Mar 5 2015

New one or old one? Because I have an old one, and BOY do I have stories.

Jan 29 2015

Around nine months after Joseph Beuys death in 1986, the 'Fat corner' was accidently removed by a janitor of the Düsseldorf academy of arts. One of Beuys's friends stated that the artist had made the Fettecke for him and sued the federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia as operator of the academy of arts. Read more

Dec 9 2014

Ok, this is a "sub-suggestion." I think you should by a car from Europe that meets the 25 year import exemption rule. Then, you get a trip to Europe to check it out, you can detail all the fun times you have (read: entertaining hassles) importing it and maintaining it, and then selling it, preferably back to Europe.

Jun 18 2014

And this is its grandaddy, Take safety car, add turbo, turn up boost to lots, win.

Jun 10 2014

The Viper needs to rise up, Dodge needs to supercharge it or turbocharge it from the factory and offer it with 800+ hp stock. They need to become batshit again. How much could it possibly cost them to throw a blower on? Add 5k to the price, nobody will care when you are talking about a 8.4L car in the 120's. People Read more