Voice of C. Montgomery Burns
10/13/20 2:34PM

I understand the point the CS rep was trying to make with this terrible response “You can’t take back what you said” or maybe “you can’t unbake a cake” kind of thing. Only: Read more

10/08/20 12:26PM

I’m not sure you can call something both a toy and an investment. A toy is meant to be enjoyed, which reduces its value through use. An investment is meant to be guarded, which takes all the fun out of it. Since a car (or it’s value) can realistically be destroyed every time you use it, likely best to avoid the Read more

9/25/20 2:13PM

Rumor has it the body is made out of the same plastic as these bottles too....

9/18/20 1:50AM

FYI if you were following the nvidia subreddit/forums,  someone made a bot to autobid every scalper to insane prices with no intention of paying, in order to screw them over.

9/17/20 5:51PM

Unlikely. People excited enough to preorder a console likely are looking for that specific console rather than just a console.

8/25/20 6:05PM

Yes you can. Read and understand the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. I haven’t read it in a while. But I think it says that automobile manufacturers cannot revoke a warranty solely because you modified your vehicle.  They can void the warranty if they prove the modification caused the failure.  This is Jalopnik.  I expect Read more

8/17/20 11:50AM

The idea that you have to “clean your plate” creates an unhealthy relationship with food IMO. My grandparents always made you eat everything you took before you could leave the table so you’d be forcing food down when you weren’t even hungry. 

7/14/20 11:27AM

I disagree. People with the funds to spend 70-150k on a vehicle are acutely aware of the costs. A friend of mine has owned vehicles in the 400-500k range and even he is extremely aware of cost, depreciation, maintenance, etc. Read more

6/30/20 1:16PM

It’d be a better comparison to look at the Model Y, as it’s closer in size. The long range AWD Model Y does 0-60 in 4.8s per Tesla and runs $53k. Read more

6/29/20 10:32AM

Kimmel’s long documented history of racist and sexist “humor” should permanently disqualify him from further work in the entertainment industry.

6/26/20 11:06AM

Unless you’re an airline, no need to announce your departure.