Voice of C. Montgomery Burns
Sep 25

The owner is a huge fan of Seagram’s 7. I mean, the Rosso Magma color is a dead match with the 7 on the legendary bottle so of course he chose that.

Aug 12

It seems you only define enjoyment of life by convenience of the modern age. You have no idea how Kings lived pre-Industrial Era and to give you my answer to your hypothetical: Yes, I would gladly live as a King of any country 100 years ago than be making minimum wage in any country today.

Jun 28

This is nice as existing softmod boot methods (OPL/HDL for HDD and ESR for burnt discs) both have games that are not compatible. So, with softmod there was a few games that would not work. Based on the description of the hack, this method should have 100% compatibility without a modchip.

Jul 23 2018

The first time I test drove multiple cars was when I was buying my first car with the financial assistance of my mother. I was 18 at the time. She came along with me. I was shopping for a reliable but fun car around 2005.

I test drove a lightly-used Camry SE ‘04 and when I got back to the dealership parking lot, after Read more

May 21 2018

Yes, didn’t even bother to mention it, but a RS3 with it’s ancient ICE technology will easily be able to do 5 laps at any circuit while (using Model S as an example) the Model 3 will be lucky to manage 3 laps on at Laguna Seca for example before a recharge is necessary due to battery fade.

Apr 23 2018

“... but he also bought a shit ton of cars, including an Aston Martin Vantage, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Mercedes B180, an Audi R8, an Audi R5, and a Porsche 911, among other cars.” Read more

Apr 9 2018

You can lease base model 911s for around $1100/month with almost no negotation and standard down payments. If you’re a haggler, $1000/month is attainable for a base model 911. Read more

Apr 9 2018

Hmm, drive a modified (not “Pristine”) RX-7 for $1000 for 1 day or 100 miles (whichever comes first!) or lease a 911 for the same amount of money per month.

Who the hell is this for? I get it, the RX-7 is a beautiful car, but who is willing to pay Supercar Track Day Experience type money to drive an abused RX-7?


Apr 2 2018

The updated revived Mythbusters with the new (slightly tolerable) hosts, pretty much did this exactly and even went a bit farther to show how it held up against spike strips.