But a Kei truck can still tow a 5x8 trailer with a weekend project’s worth of 2x4s and plywood! I mean, the Prius can too, but those aren’t usually available with 4wd and a dump bed. But they do come with AC... Read more

Sokath! His eyes uncovered! Read more

“The trailer makes it obvious the film embraces its cheesiness. Besides, the effects look great, the supporting cast (which includes Li Bingbing, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, and Cliff Curtis) “ Read more

At least in my area, it’s because people stop paying any attention, and then either Read more

Okay, so if you mounted a plow/ramp to the front, to direct vehicles and other obstacles up and over the driver’s head, how far could you get if you hit a traffic jam at top speed? Read more

I just buried Henry, who was always a “Good Boy”, and consumed 4 ounces of Glenfiddich in his honor. This video was just what I needed., thank you. Read more

You get bees, YOU get bees, EVERYBODY GETS BEES!” Read more

Doing almost any one of those things would put you ahead of most people, I believe. I would add life insurance, if you have a partner or children. It helps keep all your careful planning from being swept away, ESPECIALLY if you get life insurance with a early payout option for chronic or long-term illnesses. Read more

I was hoping Elon thought ahead and put some good local maps on the Roadster’s GPS, so we can finally get some good StreetView footage of those canals! Read more

Alexa Built-In: Voice-activated Alexa functionality with over 10000 life-enhancing skills. Stream audio and music services ( including Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Audible ); Check news, traffic, and weather; find answers; control smart home devices; and shop with your voice. Read more

  • Alexa Built-In: Voice-activated Alexa functionality with over 10000 life-enhancing skills. Stream audio and music

That summary, and the scene with the parents standing next to the “Wall Words” of “In this family, we...” make it a must see. Read more

I was reading this, thinking this whole thing was related to the pun of Ford calling some of their cars Tudors and Fordors. Read more

I found some years ago that cognac and eggnog are a wonderful pairing. I’ll have to try this as well. Read more

At least we can be sure that won’t happen with a live-action movie. Read more

“The Solar System is likely the first star system that ʻOumuamua has closely encountered since being ejected from its birth star system, potentially several billion years ago.” Read more

Also in front of the (main?) post office, if I recall correctly. It has been a few years since I bought one there, though. Read more

My personal guess is that someone said it can go “four to five thousand miles per hour”, and someone else heard that as “it can go forty five thousand miles per hour” Read more