Jun 18

No, by the manufacturer of the truck. So they can just make one frame and have it able to accommodate different wheelbases and prop shaft supports and whatnot.

Jun 18

There's bolts through a bunch of them. I would imagine those are to make the frame modular so you can bolt or rivet stuff on where needed for the application.

Jun 14

We are so beyond fucked it isn’t even remotely funny. Vanilla Isis is thrilled there’s a rebellion going on (we can but hope the regime is violently overthrown) because it’s distracting everyone from the fact that the US is actively reducing and killing efforts to control the pandemic. Because a white supremacist got

Jun 7

Historians a 1000 years from now:
“In the year 2020, a great pandemic arrived in the San Francisco Bay region, leading the denizens of the area to build the ‘Great Wailing Bridge’ as a monument to mark their mourning - of the valuable profits that had been lost during the economic shutdown caused by the plague. It was Read more

Jun 1

Given the cost - and more importantly, time delay - involved in getting a new one from Germany or wherever, it’ll be worthwhile going over every inch of the thing with an X ray machine before making that call, I expect. It’s fibreglass, so it’ll be repairable unless it’s really badly stressed: large scale composite Read more

May 27

I had a TI-81 in the mid 90s and created a little program to load a low-res LCD image called “MEM CLEARED” that I created, pixel by pixel, to look exactly like the actual MEM CLEARED confirmation that the teacher would check before each test. Read more

May 1

I was thinking sort of a mash up of Wall-E & Mad Max: Fury Road.

May 1

I just watched Wall-E the other night, and my CARS theory is pretty much the same, with the only addition being that their bodies couldn’t adjust back to normal gravity, and the cars being an evolution of the chairs from the ship 

Jan 19

After every large fire in this country there is a process known as B.A.E.R. that takes place directly after the fire is labeled “controlled”. After such, a team of experts is brought it, many of them soil scientists to assess the hazards. One of the side effects of high intensity wildfire is that it causes an effect Read more

Mar 26 2019

When I was little, I would rub a small amount of toothpaste on my tongue to beat the breath smell test, and it worked. There were layers and thought put into the lie. Read more

Mar 25 2019

It may surprise some people, but Kansas City has some world-class museums. On the art side, the Nelson-Atkins is the most well-known and probably the best. For history, the National WWI Museum is outstanding.