10/28/20 10:36PM

Those are two gorgeous cars along with excellent powerplant ideas for daily driving, but I doubt the average GM fan looking at 2 door models would want either. That Tru 140S sure is a stunner in design. Maybe as an all-electric model it would be a hit. Read more

10/26/20 5:16PM

My understanding is that Toyota believed there was room for improvement in N/A when the Big 3 started venturing into turbos. Also turbos were/are typically heavier along with a mess of piping. With the newer materials proving to be reliable, integration of the turbo manifold is removing those issues and I think that’s Read more

9/21/20 10:22PM

Same issue here in south Texas. I just buy a set of wipers from Costco every 6mo ($6-7). Although, if I drive over 30mph when its raining, wipers are not needed.

9/18/20 5:29PM

The RAV4 is Toyota’s second fastest model (0-60). Albeit the Prime version but within the RAV4 line, there is a ton of options. Heck even the base model was used for rallying with factory-stock engine, brakes, and transmission a few years back. My only gripe is that the RAV4 is more expensive than an equivalent Lexus Read more

8/27/20 3:54PM

At least it’s not beige on the outside. The problem with owning a Toyota, is that you’re stuck with it forever unless you’re okay with a working car.

5/28/20 2:55PM

I want to get a credit card for my niece (13) for emergencies. Is there a card with a low limit option that is recommended for this situation? Eventually I will be opening a bank account for her and I will be the cosigner. 

5/27/20 12:48PM

My parents had this car. It was a total nightmare. Not one Toyota dealership could work on it in town so all servicing had to be done at the Volvo dealership. In the third year, less than a 100 miles after 20k servicing, the engine overheated and required replacement. Toyota took the car back and we purchased a V20 Read more

4/28/20 3:43PM

I agree with your points. Just wanted to suggest trying out bluetooth mice when yours wears out. My Logitech (Logi) came with the Unifying receiver but also works via bluetooth - keeps the port free and no discernable difference in functionality.

3/20/20 4:37PM

Well it’s already provided a nice article. Go for it and do it a write-up or videos that can generate more content.

3/05/20 7:39PM

Thank you. This article strikes so true. I’m in San Antonio where every house has either a full size truck, suv, or both. I would not care so much if those owners could drive their vehicles properly and without malice, but I’d say nearly 70% of them cannot park, navigate lanes, and are general jerks on the road. I Read more

3/05/20 7:27PM

All the tickets that could be had with this car!

3/05/20 7:09PM

Why are all the ads in spanish? 

1/29/20 9:03PM

The Camry family only has one black sheep - the V10 diesel variant. It was my parents first camry (they have owned 6) and was a nightmare from day one. All dealer maintenance had to be done at the Volvo dealership rather than one of the four Toyota dealers in town, and even then the volvo dealerships were never able Read more

1/23/20 6:46PM

I have 15" OEM rims and while I agree with most of your statements - the issue with 15" rims is lack of tire selection. I have used various Potenzas for years but Bridgestone stopped producing tires in that size and have moved to a 17" variations. Even Michelins are near impossible to find. The OEM Dunlop Sports are Read more

1/05/20 9:31PM

I had a Celica with the dreaded oil burning issue. Deciding to purchase a BRZ/FRS - all the dealers in town wanted over $30K. Ended up putting in a 2ZZ, 6spd, updated intake, and upgraded exhaust (old one was covered in oil). About 200 WHP and 2400lbs. Also a ton more cargo space than a BRZ.