11/03/20 11:59PM

I think a little bit of knowledge about German culture would convince you why it’s a bad idea to buy an old German car. Read more

10/29/20 3:25PM

It was a shift in the storyline of the show and comics that moved them to the futuristic year of 2005. Hot Rod was definitely an American’s idea of a futuristic hot rod car. 

10/29/20 2:18PM

They keep saying it's new, but it definitely seems to be a 370 with a body kit and a mid-cycle refresh. 

10/28/20 3:17PM

I had a similar thought. Seems odd that they’re pricing it higher when it’s not fifteen percent better across the board. I imagine the numbers they quote will be a little inflated as well.
Read more

10/28/20 1:41PM

Pretty simple really, they had the speedo set to KPH.

10/25/20 10:30PM

I have a set of speakers from a company called Focal. They make some of the cones for their drivers out of a similar composite made of flax.

10/25/20 1:11PM

40% heavier than carbon fiber is still way lighter than aluminum.  If it’s more than 40% cheaper it could catch on.

10/25/20 9:25AM

An interesting material that may have many applications in the future. It sounds though like this is intended to be a flexible material, no? I don’t see any reference to a resin or anything else that would harden this stuff, only what sounds like two different types of fabric. That may be useful for some things, but Read more

10/23/20 3:23PM

Years ago when I had manual-lock vehicles, whenever I went mountain biking I would take just the trunk key off the ring and lock the ring in the trunk. Read more

10/23/20 3:06PM

There’s still the occasional reason to not bring a phone/keys places (the beach, hiking, any rec league sport or group fitness thing)

10/21/20 9:40PM

I mean, it’s British. It’s not like the electricals are gonna work long anyway. Why not just eliminate the wires?

10/19/20 2:15PM

I disagree on the diminishing returns.  There is a LOT of work being done on chemistries and materials that will be upping density by huge orders of magnitude.  The tech is already there for batteries that have 10 times and more of the power density of what’s being actively manufactured now, and that doesn’t use rare Read more

10/19/20 1:46PM

Even a PHEV doesn’t have a transmission worth speaking of (experience: my Volt). The gas “engine” is a generator that keeps the battery juiced enough, and the battery is still where the power for the motors comes from.

10/19/20 10:00AM

Sports cars aren’t just about speed and performance. The driving experience is far more important to me than number on paper. I want to feel connected with a car, and feel that a manual transmission is necessary to do so. My truck is automatic and I’m alright with that. The truck is an appliance, not a toy.
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9/30/20 11:38AM

U-Haul uses their own designs and never sell their trailers so they can easily ID them when they are stolen. When you attempted to register and plate it, the VIN would come up as belonging to U-Haul and you wouldn’t have any sale paperwork. U-Haul Are Field Mangers regularly pick up wayward trailers so if it was Read more

4/05/18 11:37AM

I didn’t know this existed. I’ve always been interested in the RB20DET and now this. Really would like to know how they drive.