Jul 13

I really, really hate that the online world is so damn harshly judgmental that some people are terrified of mildly expressing a dissenting opinion. It’s an ugly look for this site and it’s audience if a poster like this doesn’t feel like they can share their thoughts without getting trampled. Read more

Jun 18

They aren’t “cops” on the show. They are detectives. No one has a problem with detectives. Detectives don’t look for criminals. They respond to crimes and try and solve them. Read more

Jun 18

I really feel bad for Nathan. Living in a world, where you want shows to be cancelled, because they bring joy to others’ lives, as they do not reflect the real world, and not everyone on the show is a bad person, but full of positivity. This is why cannot have nice things. Because people, like Nathan.

Oct 31

The site is a commercial enterprise. The goal of such an enterprise to make money. As such, that is going to be the main goal of the owners of said enterprise. When employees start to ask readers to shit talk their bosses and then act surprised that they get fired, it becomes hard for me to feel much sympathy. The Read more

Sep 9 2019

Show me a car that can go across the country without stopping. Read more

Sep 9 2019

Which so many people do on a daily basis.

Sep 9 2019

Yeah. I know how you feel. I went to Home Depot and all the saws they sell can’t handle trees 60” in diameter. Read more

Sep 9 2019

You can drive across 2 borders in Europe in 300km.  Or 5.

Sep 9 2019

You saw it recharges nearly 200 miles in range in less than 30 minutes, correct? Plan a stop in the middle around lunch and it wont even feel like you are losing any time at all

Sep 6 2019

My feeling is don’t leave vandalization. If the monument was vandalized because the monument itself is repugnant, then it should probably come down. Otherwise just restore it.

Sep 4 2019

Lighten up, Francis.

Jul 31 2019

Finally! A hypercar with affordable replacement parts.

Jul 19 2019

As someone who also lives in Brazil, I’d like to say that some of your criticism is warranted, but a lot of it just reads like the uninformed ramblings of someone suffering from the so-called “mutt complex” (complexo de vira-lata, as people usually say it around here). Seriously, that entire rant regarding the Read more

Jul 15 2019

Is it possible that it’s maybe not outright homophobia, but still pretty shitty to criticize someone for not being gay the way you want them to be (politician or not)? Read more

Jul 9 2019

Yes, that’s what he’s always said and he doesn't like people forcing a sexuality onto him.

Jul 1 2019

Yes poor people are being pushed further and further from city centers across the world. This is a separate problem. But you are mistaken if you think poor people are then driving cars and trying to park in any modern city center, be it Madrid, London, Paris, Frankfurt, etc. Read more

Jul 1 2019

You think people cleaning hotel rooms or washing dishes after you stuff your face need to drive a car? They likely take transit (or bike) if it exists. If it doesn’t exist, they’re likely a slave to the money pit that is known as a used car. Like I said, one big repair bill away from potentially losing their job. Read more

Jul 1 2019

Low income people don’t have cars (unless they’re forced into car-ownership slavery because they have no other option, like many Americans who live in transit-deserts). Many of these folks drive jalopies because they have no choice, and are one major repair bill away from financial ruin. Read more

Jun 10 2019

there’s a lot of pent-up anger there that needs an outlet beyond eating cupcakes