Sep 14

The price is surprisingly close to real life, the Mercedes AMG One (the car the Krieger seems to based off) cost USD$2.72 million before taxes

Sep 8

You remember South Africa, just like most other countries, show price including VAT? I’m sure MSRP for the US will be cheaper. A First Edition Evoque cost a million Rand in SA (around 67k USD) and the same car cost 57k in the US

Sep 4

Well, I have a soft spot for techy sounds, like the ones in that Nio electric supercar. At least it isn’t pretending to sound like a petrol engine and instead doing its own thing, and can be muted if the owner prefers so.

Sep 4

You can hear it in the 3d configurator. Sounds surprisingly cool 

Sep 2

You could always move to Venezuela Australia, they just banned guns a few years ago in 1996, after a terrible mas shooting in Tasmania, and now violence is unheard of in that country. Frankly, I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to be like Venezuela Australia Read more

Aug 29

41 of 50, the states in the South and New England always get me bungled up

Aug 25

There is something similar in Buenos Aires. During the 76-83 dictatorship, around 9 thousand Argentinos were dissapread/murdered by the military, and rhere are hundreds of plates spread around the city remembering them. This one, in front of a apartment building in Palermo, says:

Aug 9

I can see the Escort, from very, very far away, being confused with a E36 Compact

Jul 31

There is a third, mostly forgotten B58 roadster, the only one available with a manual

Jul 13 2019

The Nite Folks in RDR2, those fuckers still creep the fuck out of me

Jul 9 2019

What’s even worse is that GM is planning a sporty sub-Equinox CUV called the TrailBlazer

Jul 2 2019

Also, the Bosnian game This War of Mine. I never was the biggest fan of FPS war games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but after playing TWoM I simply can’t look at them. We need more games that show the human cost of war, CoD and Battlefield make the entire thing look like a “heroic”, black-white good-bad fight,

Jul 1 2019

Madrid isn’t a North American city with a very small high density area and the rest dominated by low density, unifamiliar suburbian houses, making car ownership a obligation. Living in the pedestrian-friendly Centro is expensive, but working and poor districts are still high density areas of apartments with easy access Read more

Jul 1 2019

... This is Madrid we are talking about. Not only the 16th century streets of the Centro not appropriate for traffic and parking, the city is well integrated, public transport-wise, with its metropolitan area. That means that even poor districts of Madrid like Entrevías, Puente de Vallecas and San Diego are connected Read more

Jun 11 2019

*Porsche plataform. The MSB was developed by Porsche for the second gen Panamera and only them and Bentley uses it so far. You won’t see a VW nor even Audi (unless they decide to make an A9 or revive Horch) using the MSB.

May 31 2019

Ask Venezuela how well the promise of socialism worked out for them, and their desperation.
Read more

May 16 2019

It’s only a facelift on the 2016 model (interior-wise the sole diference is the new MMI), while both the A6 and A7 are brand new generations. Wait until 2022 or something for a similar interior for the A4. Read more

Apr 17 2019

Except that Ubisoft is a French company (with offices in Paris) and that isn’t the case of Louisiana ever since 1803. So why should Ubisoft donate to the United States of America instead of aiding their own country and city? I’m sure there are enough wealthy people in America to donate themselves