You: Someone who needs to get a grip. Read more

Yeah I mean this is why I am saying... if you haven’t seen anything or felt anything then why would you believe... but for those of us that HAVE it sucks because I know what I HEAR SEE AND SMELL. Read more

Aren’t you a testy lil troll!  Read more

I had a doll lunge at me. I know it wasn’t a figment of my imagination because I was 20 years old. Things happen and I am sure there is some other world explanation for it.  Read more

What kind of undies are you wearing that you have constant wedgies? They make lots of seamless undies that are not visible - even under leggings (which if we can see your ass in leggings then that’s another debate for another day). Read more

So much same... so much sameeeeee.  Read more

She was on with Hoda awhile back when I was on maternity leave and I was like WHY ISN’T SHE HERE EVERY MORNING? Read more


I feel you but I still had no idea that people actively choose to wear them. If I didn’t pee or poo all day, I’d probably wear one... but like sliding down a semi moist (yup) thong and pulling it back up a couple times a day irks me.  Read more

Doesn’t the last line make more sense than actually believing in ghosts! LOL. Read more

It was the 80's so no one could videotape it... because who videotapes a funeral but we all have this “cherished” memory haha! Read more

Bye to Kathy and her weird fake accent. Read more

I dunno. I can explain more: Read more

Haunting the restaurants they used to work at...  Read more