The ACR was a goddamned beast. A DSG version would have been awesome. Instead we get muscle car member berries. Sad. Read more

If they’re actually going to use this to catch people committing serious crimes, great. If their intention is to be more stealthy while they sit in the ditch and write speeding tickets instead of doing what they should be doing and dealing with actual crime, then this really pisses me off. Traffic offenses should be Read more

It might be Nothing But Trouble, but at $1700, I’d risk a ride on Mr. Bonestripper. Nice Price.

It was a few months ago when we first heard that this robot was coming to Philly. As a lifetime resident I was ecstatic with the idea of something new to smash. Me and the other smasher guys got our blunt objects, railroad spikes and socks full of batteries together. What an exciting time to be alive! “A canadian Read more