Vincent Davidson
Apr 24 2018

A customer of mine just bought a road glyde for 38 FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS. I said “Hey man, you know 38k buys you a REALLY nice car that normally has 3 more wheels than your bike, right?” It’s disgusting.

Apr 20 2018

One thing about the FWD V8 put into these cars at this time - the LS4 - is how much it eventually revolutionized custom FWD builds for GM enthusiasts. Prior RWD LS layout utilized the GM “90 degree” RWD bell housing pattern, which made swapping to a FWD layout very difficult (i.e., Fiero V8 swaps that needed an Read more

Apr 20 2018

For my money the worst interior from that time, and possibly ALL time, was the Dodge Caliber’s. My friend was subjected to a loaner, and both of us cut ourselves on the plastic seams. But by god...just look at it:

Apr 19 2018

This should be called the Hissy Fit

Apr 18 2018

Hooray! Now, Cadillac, if you’re listening, you can become The Standard Of The World with this simple three-step plan:

Apr 18 2018

I understand why they went alphanumeric - something about how it translates better in international markets. However I feel like they missed an opportunity to revive an older naming scheme which still fits that purpose, but sounds far better and more in line with Cadillac’s heritage.
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Apr 18 2018

In unrelated news, Cadillac has announced effective immediately all alphanumeric vehicle names are being sent to the raging dumpster fire at GM corporate, to be replaced by actual names.

Apr 18 2018

That guy was a fraud (see e.g. Infinti) and this was LONG overdue.

Apr 13 2018

Holy crap yes, I was thinking where have I seen this guy before and why (other then the obvious points) do I associate him with Nazi’s!  

Apr 11 2018

It’s raw MPG on the CAFE cycle, which consists of FTP-75 for city, and HWFET for highway. Read more

Apr 9 2018

Yes he does. How else can he pay for all his medications? His OCD has ADHD.