Vincent Davidson
1:01 PM

I recently (as in last week) bought a new vehicle. The Camaro was on my short list, along with a Challenger GT. The Dodge dealer wouldn’t give me an accurate payment quote so I walked. I really wanted AWD, 300hp-ish V6, and most important - to be able to see out of it. I liked the power train in the Camaro, but

5:01 PM

I know in Minnesota UTVs are “legal” on the road except for in the Twin Cities Metro area, freeways (duh), and state highways unless a local city or township ordinance outlaws them. They of course need turn signals, mirrors, INSURANCE, DNR registration, etc. Read more

6:39 AM

My guess? It’s for the factory option unobtainium constructed, diamond encrusted revolver rail-gun. Since the only people that will be legally allowed to own a firearm soon will be the chosen “qualified” super wealthy 1% types, and they need to be able to defend themselves. Read more

11:13 PM

The Continental, one of the most stories old model names in American automotive history, miserably and embarrassingly failed. So their solution is to bring back AVIATOR?! The Bush-era Exploder rebadge? What genius focus group dreamed this up? Read more

12:27 PM

Wasn’t that what Japan’s reasoning for entering WWII (referring to the oil embargo)?