Vincent Davidson
Apr 9 2018

I recently (as in last week) bought a new vehicle. The Camaro was on my short list, along with a Challenger GT. The Dodge dealer wouldn’t give me an accurate payment quote so I walked. I really wanted AWD, 300hp-ish V6, and most important - to be able to see out of it. I liked the power train in the Camaro, but

Mar 23 2018

I know in Minnesota UTVs are “legal” on the road except for in the Twin Cities Metro area, freeways (duh), and state highways unless a local city or township ordinance outlaws them. They of course need turn signals, mirrors, INSURANCE, DNR registration, etc. Read more

Mar 20 2018

My guess? It’s for the factory option unobtainium constructed, diamond encrusted revolver rail-gun. Since the only people that will be legally allowed to own a firearm soon will be the chosen “qualified” super wealthy 1% types, and they need to be able to defend themselves. Read more

Mar 16 2018

The Continental, one of the most stories old model names in American automotive history, miserably and embarrassingly failed. So their solution is to bring back AVIATOR?! The Bush-era Exploder rebadge? What genius focus group dreamed this up? Read more

Mar 15 2018

Wasn’t that what Japan’s reasoning for entering WWII (referring to the oil embargo)?