Vincent Wright

It’s really frustrating how service workers defend the tipping system when alternatives that include vacation/PTO, sick time, steady wages, 401(k)s, etc., you know, the trappings of regular jobs, are presented.  I understand the allure of cash in the pocket is strong, but it’s difficult to be very sympathetic when we Read more

I definitely feel the onus of providing for the picky kid falls to the parent, not the host, when attending a dinner party. They should bring something to serve their child that isn’t going to make more work for the host or interrupt the flow their dinner prep, like something in a container they can ask to microwave Read more

551 is where the issues start 

1) If you tell me your name is “Beth” I will call you Beth, same goes for pronouns. That is basic respect.
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Both unnecessary and failing to understand the game’s dynamics. Read more

Touches my hands: No wiping. The gym is inherently gross, we just have to accept that part (plus wetting down the grip can be bad, and knurling destroys towels). Read more

I, too, lift in Vibrams.  We should form a club.

I wear FiveFingers when I lift as well. I wear the Seeya. I’m in the market for a new pair. Any recommendations?

Second.  I lifted in Vibrams for a while and they were great.  Very close to barefoot feeling.

I agree! I hated the "Lazy AF" opening line. I loved this service because I don't have a way to print a shipping label from my house...

Right? It’s actually an extra step from having it picked up at your house, but it’s still easy. 

I ran into this this week. I had to return a small appliance - I bought the wrong one - and when I went to the return process, these options popped up and I thought “cool!” There’s a UPS store literally 3 minutes from my house so it was utterly painless. 

The last bit is the correct answer.

March them into the back of the paddy-wagon yourself to spare them taking a beating, or worse.

An illegal Immigrant killed my nephew, why would I want to help these people who are breaking our laws and violating our own citizens rights?  What good is anyone doing by helping people who are breaking our laws avoid capture or delay deportation?  How absolutely disgusting that people who have zero clue about the Read more

You forgot to put the word “ILLEGAL” Before immigrants.

Exactly. In our metro you’re 5 miles down a freeway that only goes to the airport, with at least 20 minutes to find a spot in the parking garage (with cost added) then take the tram, etc. etc. and that’s all before even getting in line to get to a person working a terminal. Read more

So I can add an additional stand-in-line-at-the-airport experience to my life? Read more

I’m willing to take one for the team and win the lottery and then report back on my level of happiness. I care that much.