*Sigh* We just can't ever have nice things, can we Read more

Yes to everything about her rejecting Tyrion’s advice. I have no reason to think this because this show is such a sloppy mess, but I like to add the idea that taking KL was SO GODDAMN EASY, even with only one dragon, that she was fucking pissed at Tyrion for convincing her to "wait" and "play it safe." She coulda had Read more

(It had to be done)

Twitter tells me it’s because of the SNL rerun he so dutifully watched this week... I’m not finding an easy way to look it up, but it must have been from before McCain died? Read more

YES. I think about this video all the time, not just as a way to gauge my own political growth since it came out (I was a teenager and was just starting to grasp what any of it meant) but how much things have changed in general. And how much has stayed the same--lots of familiar faces in there.  Read more

It's the hard-hitting journalism we need in these trying times Read more

Same. Made it until today. Sigh Read more


Omg, this is legitimately exciting! I'm adding you now, if a weird name pops up, that's me! Read more

I’m one of the five, I’m one of the five!! 

The wine bottle in a Target bag is a nice touch. She must do a lot of babysitting or other activity where she sees these creatures in the wild Read more

Don’t listen to the haters, Tracy, I’m on your side. The design of the costume is good... but too good. A little too accurate. As a former Tired Mom (TM) it just brings back bad memories. Look at how tired she is! Why isn’t anyone helping her?? Read more


Of course! I really wanted to reply to everyone... Like I said, I’m usually a lurker, and I was really overwhelmed by the support (but not surprised, since I see it here all the time 😁) Read more

I just wanted to say thank you SO, so much to everyone who read and responded to my post last week. It means to much to hear from you all, and to have somewhere to talk about and get some perspective on my crazy mess.

Quick update: I did make another PP appointment and kept it this time. I thought a lot about what Read more

I’m usually just a lurker, and apologies for the tl;dr, but having this space to feel comfortable enough to post this, even if no one reads it, feels amazing.

Ok, here goes: I’m pregnant, I really didn’t want to be, but after a two-week wait to get into Planned Parenthood, something hit me and I thought it was all Read more