“massive crowds at Beverly Hills staple Gelson’s...” Read more

Her decline is hitting me hard. I am going to vote for her in my primary still, but at some point I will probably need to swap to Bernie because of their very close policy positions. But it hurts after seeing how shitty (some very online) Bernie supporters have treated and talked about her, and now I have to be in Read more

People rip on cable yet voluntarily spend their time watching this shit. Read more

Nothing says, “I love you, sis” quite like a modern-day griddle. It’s oppressive, much like conversations with extended family members around the Christmas tree who may ask, “Who is James Charles?” Read more

I also think abortions should be rare, but in my world they are rare because everyone has access to free or very low cost, effective pregnancy prevention, and has age appropriate comprehensive sex education from preschool through high school. Both of these things reduce abortion rates. And if they fail, abortion Read more

Stop me if I’m wrong, but with 1) universal access to 3) reliable birth control that has no side effects, wouldn’t abortion become rare? At least it would happen a lot less. (Yes, I know about contraception failure. We have a long way to to achieve the “reliable” part.) Read more

Agreed that this segment is small and vocal, disagree that it’s only men. I knew plenty of women that went Bernie or bust back in 2016, and one who claimed to be a Warren stan that round is already pushing anti-Warren tinfoil.

Internalized misogyny is real. Read more

now-defunct Pussy Posse” Read more

Yes that would be irresponsible and cruel of her but I don’t think that that’s what she’s saying. I don’t think that she’s seeking to represent that no one should be on antidepressants. She’s said that she’s absolutely not saying that and her position on it seems a lot more nuanced and frankly pretty mainstream. Read more

She's offering the exact moderate Democratic political profile Kyrsten Sinema just ran on in crimson red Arizona. And won. Read more

Agreed. Somehow we let Trump co-opt issues that should be in our wheelhouse. Not that he actually will do anything about it, but why did we sit back and let certain populist issues become his? This is clever on her part.
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Sometimes the writers here come off as living in a bubble.  Read more

I was with you on Bledel, but she was really good in a cameo on Mad Men and has an emmy on Handmaids Tale, wheres she’s been fantastic Read more

You know that iconic doesn’t mean first, right?  Read more

If there were an equal proportion of dolls with “realistic bodies” dolls with “barbie-style” proportions, and roly-poly dolls whose bodies were disproportionately large and unrealistic because of how round and/or cylindrical (vs hourglass for barbie and triangle shaped for action figures) I’d maybe agree with you. Read more

It is completely fair to paint all McKinsey consultants with the same brush, unless they realize what a terrible thing they did by working for such a firm and seek atonement. He seems pretty proud to have worked there. Imagine having the world at your feet, being able to choose any career, any job. And you choose to Read more

So am I the only person who watched the first season of Transparent, decided all of these people except Judith Light were awful human beings, and just gave up on the show? I didn’t see it as a fantastic bit of representation or that Maura was some sort of hero-I thought every main character was a selfish prick, there Read more

The fact is that “TV movies” in the traditional sense barely even exist anymore beyond The Hallmark Channel. I would concede that a film designed to fit the rhythms of commercial breaks and edited for time by default is a very different beast from a theatrical film Read more

Acknowledging that desserts exist and talking about which ones taste best is not celebrating any obesity epidemic. Talking about food doesn’t tell anyone to eat too much of it and not exercise enough. Should all food blogs/cooking shows/desserts not exist or something? How silly. Read more

FUN FACT: contrary to popular suspicion, soft-serve ice cream is real ice cream. it's just that it's kept constantly churning, rather than being churned and then popped into a freezer where it hardens a bit. Read more