Vicente Esteve
Jun 3

I feel like the rear end isn’t that much better, it’s just so bland... identical to the 8er if you ask me. at least the old 4er and 6er were differentiable. I think Audi and BMW have lost it a bit with grille design, while merc has gotten its shit together so, I hope it’s reflected on sales. 

Jun 1

NA V8 is how god intended engines to be designed, anything else is bad /s

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May 22

Lol, I will make sure to re visit this thread when I get there. This was supposed to be the one car I don’t “play” with.

Jun 27 2019

Asking for advice on an auto enthusiast site with an active comment section is hardly the worst decision someone with money to blow could make.

Jun 27 2019

Spoiled by an 11 year old Chevy HHR.

Oh to be ignorant of all the actual good cars the world has to offer. 

Jun 13 2019

You’ve exposed me as a man who does no research prior to posting jokes. You and I are now enemies. 

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Jun 13 2019

Yeah, but they don’t get the Chevy Silverado 2500 High Country edition. So who’s the real loser here? 

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Jun 7 2019

Found the guy fucking with Korey’s car.

May 30 2019

The dipshit executives over at Cadillac who approved axing V-Sport in favor of making weakling V cars and then introducing a new, higher-end badge for real Vs needs to be fired yesterday along with the useless flotsam who came up with and floated the idea across his desk. Read more

May 22 2019

My neighbor got a blue Silverado recently. My wife tells me, “Did you see that nice looking truck our neighbor just got?” Read more