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May 18

Not related, but sending good vibes your way given the current scenario at your employer.

May 18

Current Hertz employee here. Contrary to popular belief these are probably the best taken care of used rentals you can buy. Unless something went really wrong at some point, these aren’t getting into the hands of the weekend traveler who reserved a Yaris, they’re being rented by people who actually are willing to fork Read more

Mar 15

I thought the trick here was that it enforces a break-in period rev limiter. As you say, my 2010 RX-8 limits revs (and visually indicates such) when cold, but it didn’t do anything different during the break-in period.

Mar 13

This was also a permanent and adaptive feature on the S.2 RX-8. Cold power train temps forced a few increasing redlines, until everything was at proper operating temperature to prevent warping of the engine’s shell. Left unmanaged, improper temperature change could and would lead warping, causing the increased wear Read more

Feb 11

It’s a lottery system, every good comment made gets you one entry. A COTD is a guaranteed win. Upon winning said lottery your soul is ripped from your body via the small of the neck. Once your soul is found to be dense enough via a triple beam balance and vernier calipers you are then rigorously judged by taste test. Read more

Feb 11

A neighbor had a Lamborghini Diablo VT Momo Red Edition. Most expensive car I has ever sat it. I was amazed at how he pitched it, “The previous owner put $10k stereo in it!” Read more

Dec 11

Came to post this. If you look at 8:01 there’s a kid on a bicycle crossing RIGHT before he hits the speed bump. Read more

Dec 11

Am I going to be the only one who thinks this guy is a moron doing this on public roads? Especially a burnout and hitting the nitrous on a road lined with peoples personal cars. Or damaging speed bumps in a retailers parking lot. That and I just cant stand his presentation in general.

Nov 12

You are wrong. All seasons are bad at every season. Winter tires keep you safe when the temps drop below freezing. Its not just the tread pattern or depth but the compound used in winter tires. Read more