Xazzaphonic (previously known as Vicarious-Chair)
Jun 6

If I squeeze my way into the auto industry, I vow to over step my bounds and nudge whoever is on my team or in control of this decision within the department until they:
A. Fire me
B. Quit Themselves
C. Successfully design around front plate syndrome or ship with sexy offset front plate brackets.

Mar 22

I was 6 years old when I started playing Gran Turismo on PS1. I remember my dad helping me through the license tests and staying focused, but ignoring the things that stressed me out (watching the dwindling time remaining for _x license challenge). I played most of the other popular racing titles, but it has always Read more

Mar 13

This was also a permanent and adaptive feature on the S.2 RX-8. Cold power train temps forced a few increasing redlines, until everything was at proper operating temperature to prevent warping of the engine’s shell. Left unmanaged, improper temperature change could and would lead warping, causing the increased wear Read more

Oct 11

Foating screens are not bad. Built in screen systems look worse and usually create worse placement for HVAC controls. Floating screens need to be looked at like a laptop display or mounted tv. The stigma is bad. Having the screen float puts in it good visual space. Read more

May 31 2019

My guess is that they’ll be applying the more confusing “blackwing" moniker to the higher performance versions of these cars, if they are actually in the works. Cadillac seems to like changing the way they name their products a lot recently, besides the consistent V badge; but hey, that’s the one thing they haven’t Read more

May 22 2019

Wasn't a scam. My mother just purchased a new 18 GT Hatch and both dealerships we went through set up the incentives clearly and without covering up anything. Both dealerships were pleasant to work with, but only one had the appropriate model in stock on their lot and ready to go, so that's the only reason why we went Read more

Dec 21 2018

If he could have somehow completed a rear drive conversion on the modded setup, I think it would have been less lethal. Something would definitely needed to have been beefed up up front to help stabilize the front end, though. I think even with a rear drive swap, it may need to have had a more solid, if not full solid Read more

Nov 30 2018

It seems that you either love the design or hate it. I haven’t seen to many people indifferent about it. Everyone has an opinion on it, which is something at least. I’m personally a huge fan of it; it being in my eyes one of the best Mazda designs to date.