I didn’t know that Nokia made rugged phones. Read more

It’s a small one, but there is one easter egg - the pistol Andor uses, the one he got from his adoptive father, is a Bryar pistol.  The same kind Kyle Katarn used.
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This is an insanely cool piece of tech. One question though, did they mean to make it look like a turret from Portal?
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Yes. Again, yes. The Biden administration wants you to vote. Read more

Leasing public lands would be a short term solution. The second a Trump-type gets elected (possibly as soon as 2024), those lease agreements would be terminated as soon as possible. Biden is absolutely correct that the answer is to vote. That is not some far in the future, pie in the sky thing - it’s just over four Read more

Put abortion clinics on Indian Tribal Lands.
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I am so fucking furious right now.  

Women... if your partner is male, please ask your partner if they support this decision.  If so, STOP HAVING SEX WITH THEM! Read more

I was born in 1951 and was witness to so much of the progress and strides that have been made — civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights. Some it, like Title IX, really came a little too late for me personally, but I’ve taken such satisfaction in knowing the difference it’s made for women who’ve come after me. And, Read more

It is most definitely NOT “one of the best sci-fi movies of 2022.” It is the single best movie of 2022 regardless of genre and nothing else comes close. Read more

FWIW, I’m enjoying the deeper dive into Spock’s and T’Pring’s relationship, and the additional insights into TOS-era Vulcan culture is nice as well.
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The teaser had little callbacks to TOS fight music, and my nerd heart was so full of joy. Read more

Even more proof that if Sony stuck with their handhelds they would have found success. Oh well. #vitafan4life Read more

That was because in the Olds’ day, cars weren’t as computerized and so it was trivial to do routine maintenance and repairs at home - you weren’t going to cause your car to seize up because you did a brake job in your driveway. The days of ‘just get a used car and save money fixing it up’ are long over for the average Read more

Smartwatches can be an affectation, too, if you just wear it to show off.
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Your comment provided more substance and meaning that this entire article that the guy probably actually got paid to write.
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Ties are fine, I don’t personally like to wear them but I’m also very much a casual dress kind of guy (and working from home for 2+ years hasn’t helped that). But it’s kind of fun to dress up for a wedding or whatever periodically. And as others have said, if you’re wearing it so tight as to cause health issues, Read more

The author also misses what I believe is the actual fashion purpose of a tie: It covers up the vertical seam running down a man’s torso where the shirt buttons up. It creates a more “seamless” appearance. Read more

I mean, this critique would probably have a lot more merit in my opinion if MCU’s answer to Superman wasn’t a woman? With a multitude of diverse women heroes taking up residence in phase 4, (literally nicknamed M-SHE-U), I think this is an unfair observation. It’s just not true. It sounds to me like you just don’t Read more

Sure. Along with Season 2 of Firefly. Read more