You’re not wrong, and I never go off the advertised “mil spec” of the device, rather the real-world drop/kick tests by reviewers. Read more

There a number of rugged phones that have wireless charging, just not Samsung. Read more

Their XR20 is what I’m using now. Read more

I own the Active3 (LTE model), and it is a great little 8" tablet that I don’t have to worry about durability-wise. Read more

I’m so fucking angry right now that I’m going to be sick, and I don’t even have a uterus. Read more

If I had more than one checked bag to take with me, I could see this being a benefit. Read more

If she didn’t actually have abortions performed, then there are no authentic medical records that could be released, and therefore she should have no objection to the false records being released. Read more

Ooooh, yes... City Slickers meets Jurassic Park. Read more

I spent the build-up to the fight at the beginning whispering under my breath “do it.... do it.... DO IT...” Read more

For any flights under 5 hours, I generally try to fast the entire trip (just staying hydrated). Read more

That’s a fair point, even if I have trouble conceiving of why anyone would wear a smartwatch but not use it. Read more

Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinions, at least until our alien overlords start cracking down on that. Read more

I haven’t been this excited for an MCU film since Endgame. Read more

What kind of person leaves the cap off the toothpaste? Read more

I wonder if they offer discounts for the inverse? Read more

Um, we don’t talk about the Pariway lizards...

Dammit, THIS.
He was my absolute favorite character from DS9. Read more

Plus, how crazy would a writer on that show have to be to pass up an opportunity to put Miles in therapy for the rest of his life (again). Read more

I’ll go with “Obscure characters for 1000", and suggest presumed-KIA Ensign Sito Jaxa.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Read more