I'd eat a spider
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High school aboriginal ed officer and principal. They were a LOT harder on me about grades and attendance than my parents. I was at an event with them recently and I finally asked them why they were so intense about it and I got my answer: Read more

8:32 PM

You learn what you live. We have that issue with the kids and grandkids of scoop babies and residential school survivors. When you don’t grow up seeing your parents model a healthy family dynamic, you don’t learn to parent by watching them.

1:21 AM

Do *not* start with me about kids being removed for no reason. Indigenous kids were taken away from their parents as a matter of course through the sixties and they’re still over-represented in care. If someone wants to hurt you they just need to hint that something might not be copacetic at home, there will be a Read more

1:14 PM

And that makes sense too. Everyone is gonna have a different experience and different needs.

6:29 PM

It is in some ways, but our (First Nations/Inuit/Native American etc) idea of family is a bit broader and everyone steps up to make it work. Babies are a big, huge deal to us so we all pitch in

5:09 PM

Where do you live? City? Suburb? It’s not realistic or safe to deliver in really remote communities, some of em are fly in/ice road only for fuck’s sake. If something happens you need to be at a hospital with an NNICU within an hour or you’re screwing the pooch.

4:26 PM

We have em in some communities here, there’s one in Iqaluit and a couple Inuit focused medical boarding homes in Ottawa. Otherwise you temporarily relocate around a week before your due date and the province pays for your stay.

1:38 PM

It’s a stupid charachateur, but we were never red to begin with. The only red people I see are people of European descent on vacation and less than vigilant about sunscreen use.

11:40 PM

I’m treaty, but in any case I know a bunch of other people with both here. It’s stupid that people are made to choose cause one is mainly sociocultural (Métis) where as treaty/status has financial implications

5:34 PM

Private sector geotechnical/GIS...my old boss kept calling it First Nations northern and it always sounded weird but I didn’t wanna be that person. I make the computer do the thing.

9:31 PM

Thanks? It was called First Nations northern yardda in my professional capacity for a time so it’s habit. Dad still calls it Indian affairs.

1:08 AM

Angela Cardinal and Beatrice Hunter are people offhand that I can think of within the last week who’ve been failed utterly. The last week.

12:37 AM

Don’t think for a second that we’re somehow more evolved cause we had one. Now the attitude is “ you had your little committee, why can’t you just get over it?”

12:30 AM

Not always, Indian is pretty common when you get to the praries. Follow the lead of the person you’re interacting with- use their band name if you know it (ex- I’m registered with Nuu-chah-nulth and the Métis nation of BC).

12:25 AM

This shit has been happening side for ever, cause settler colonial bullshit fucks up several generations of people.

12:22 AM

Cindy Blackstock doesn’t talk for her health. This is the result of generational trauma, a lack of services and complete and utter failing of FNNAC (First Nations and Northern Affairs Canada) to follow the Truth and Reconciliation Comission recommendations. This, right here, is the legacy of colonization.

7:41 PM

Can we stop making Sophie Trudeau a thing? I’ve met her at a couple events and there’s nothing going on up there. Light is on, no one home. I’m sure she’s very nice/a good mom/solid yoga teacher but I wish the Canadian press would just stop giving her a platform with which to be vacuous. We don’t have a position Read more

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I swear I’m a broken record- some things do not belong to euro-Canadians. By all means, read Money Beach and The Inconvenient Indian, buy from Beyond Buckskin. Hell, familiarize yourself with the TRC recommendations. Having said that, don’t presume to speak for us. Don’t presume to know our experiences and good Read more

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My fave is when I get told I need to focus on bigger problems. Uh, this shit is all connected to missing and murdered women, generational trauma and reservations with toxic water. It’s the dehumanizations of the first people of Kanata by arrogant, disease riddled settlers who throw hissy fits every time they get Read more