I'd eat a spider
Feb 1 2017
Mid-week nail talk

Hi guys, I have a fill on Friday and can’t decide what to do. I’m seeing a new tech cause the girl I saw for years

Aug 27 2016

So I had a stomach flu, it landed me in hospital and ended up hurting muscles and cartilage in my chest, and they

Oct 2 2015

So a blogger I normally adore (fuller figure bigger bust) shared the dumbest post from a woman who wasn’t hired by

Sep 4 2015

Why the fuck is it so difficult to find women's base layers/long underwear in the Pacific Northwest in September?!?

Aug 24 2015

So, I'm a renter and my partner and I share a fence with a neighbour. I'd hung our tent to dry after a trip on said

Mar 29 2015

Guys. I start a new job Wednesday. I'm having some major "what if they don't like me" style anxiety. It's sort of

Nov 4 2014

My Canadian self has no idea what to serve with the pulled pork I've got bubbling away in the crock pot. I'm gonna