Ugh, Nathan...I’m happy for you, but damnit if I’m not bummed you’re leaving this site. God speed buddy. Read more

I’m a little shocked at the timing of this article, Zack. Earlier this week I just decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about, so I installed Warzone for the first time two days ago and the menus absolutely overwhelmed me. Read more

Gotta say, Clinton’s was always my favorite and I’m glad to see a lot of that carry over to Biden’s. Subtle updates definitely modernize it. Read more

Definitely agree on the mask part. My eyes keep going straight to these gigantic looking masks that seem to barely fit. It looks terrible to me, honestly. Read more

Warner Brothers already came out and said there are no plans for a Harry Potter series at this time, as this story was really taking off online and otherwise. Bummer, I had a glimmer of hope for what could have been. Read more

Exactly the reason I (and I feel safe in saying a good amount of) other people are now hesitant to buy the next gen consoles. Sure there are a ton of other factors to take into account, but the fact that your console could be “out of date” again by the next iterative version released maybe 1.5 years later really Read more

Phew, man. Funimation really came out swinging this season. I only have a subscription to Crunchyroll and looking at how few there are for it makes me a bit sad to see. Read more

Theeeree’s the comment I was looking for. Kudos! Read more

I’m one of those who was torn between the two. I have a rather extensive physical library of older games along with collectors editions and statues and all that, though I’ve been going digital for years now and can’t remember the last time I bought a physical copy of a game. Read more

Well now I have to ask - can you break down some of your parts and provide a build? I’m always on the look out for a better microphone setup as I’m finally breaking into voice acting. Read more

Being a die-hard Ghostbusters fan, Double-XP made me very happy to see. Read more

No no Nathan. “Old Man” isn’t my dad! He’s clearly video game Charles Bronson. Read more

I have a rather nagging case of acute FPS/Refresh Rate sensitivity and I can say from what I’ve seen in the video there’s very little dropped frames. Only times I can notice a drop is when the player first approached the buggy in the main street of Yharnam and when Father Gascoigne first turns his head and does that Read more

Not so much a “level” as an area, but for me it’s the first floor of the RCPD station in the original RE2 on PS1. I used to speed run the game as a kid and I think with a bit of rust removed, I could probably repeat my old run almost blindfolded. Read more

No no no Mike, stop with that silly goodbye post nonsense. I already have PTSD from everyone else leaving, I dare say you’d be the straw that would break this Kotaku weeb’s back. Read more

Ahhh Cecilia, I’m really sad to think that I won’t be seeing anymore of your articles on this site. Your voice really lent a great deal of realism to whatever topic you covered which I felt I could really connect with. Read more

I’ve been on break from Destiny 2 since Black Armory and although my old clan mates have made many attempts to bring me back, I never found the pull to be strong enough to dedicate such time to. Read more

Agreed. I feel as if this was one of those spats between two horribly dramatic family members that ended in “We’re never talking again. I’m done!” but you know it always blows over- it just took a month for them to finally go “Yeah, everything is fine. Why? It wasn’t even a big deal.” Read more

For me, it’s the tongue constantly lashing about as Link talks; as if he was an old man with no teeth trying to chat *shudders*. Great video regardless. I’m sure this took forever to make! Read more