Jul 4

not wanting to vote for someone who fingered someone non-consensually is not edgy. do you want to go to spring fling with me or not?

Jul 1

I can second this. My bff is in the Mystere show and has been permanently laid off. He however was able to keep his health insurance but ONLY because he signed some crazy contract lay off extension. He had 48 hours to decide whether he wanted to waive his right to severance pay or be permanently fired. He definitely Read more

Jun 30

Your sources are clearly not very knowledgeable or maybe they just hold a grudge? Not exactly how that happened. The situation is very sad but it’s only fair to point out that most (if not all) decisions since February were taken by the owners, not the CEO...and you guessed it, those owners are billionaires from Fort Read more

Jun 2

I’m kind of enjoying Armie Hammer through all this. He’s having to stay somewhere he never intended to be for this long, unable to hang out with anyone other than his family and entertaining himself with weird haircuts and making stupid videos - the exact things me, a poor, and my friends have been doing, too.

Jun 2

Armie Hammer is giving me some Billy Zane vibes and I want to say it’s working for me, but it is not. Billy Zane really is the Adam Driver if the 90s though. He’s got that same attract/repulse thing going on. 

May 26

I have diabetes and I see the appeal of frosting vs something like fruit. Frosting has a tonnnnnn of sugar so itll work faster. Fruit is a great option if your BG is going low BEFORE you get to the point of being passed out or unable to do things for yourself. An apple has like 15g of carbs per apple whereas frosting Read more

May 26

If you’re treating a low, frosting is not THAT weird. The person I know who has diabetes usually carries around a juice box or glucose tabs but it’s really up to the individual’s preference (and what they know they can be convinced to take if they are low and confused/combative). It seems a little weird, but the Read more

May 22

My best friend and I moved in with a girl we knew from high school who was wild and fun and crazy. For example, she stripped at a dive club by the airport and got her lip ring ripped out because she stole the head stripper’s tips. Read more

Jan 3

Several candidates released statements late last night. Pretty sure that waiting until damn near noon the next day EST is pretty patient.

Dec 23

She did, but it got cancelled. She seems like a perfectly well-adjusted human. There are a lot of weird articles out there that paint her as a sad sack, which is pretty weird to me.

Dec 2

I read it! I feel the exact same way. I'm legitimately sad to hear what kind of person she is now. I was thinking of re-reading it a few months ago, but then I heard she was anti-vax... so now that's all I'd think about, reading it- and I don't need any more things making me angry right now lol.