Jul 29

Gonna use this in the (probably distant) future if I ever have a party that no one comes to or don’t hear back from a job I apply to. Guess everyone was just following social distancing guidelines!

Jul 20

A great reminder that there are no perfect victims and also more specifically that these two individuals are just...a huge mess, to put it lightly.

Jul 1

Wow that is awful; what an unfair decision to force someone to make. I know someone else who was permanently laid off from Mystere as well as someone who was permanently laid off from Zumanity. One of them lost their health insurance first and was then permanently laid off a few hours later. I’m not sure if Cirque is Read more

May 25

I was so shocked by the specificity of “spread frosting on my gums” (and the fact this near stranger had declared it my job!!!!) that I never questioned it. Probs should have.

May 23

Despite the terrifying conclusion of this story, I am extremely tickled by this person’s decision to put this on a to-do list.

May 23

Immediately upon moving in, she sat me down and explained to me that she had diabetes and that it was my responsibility to help her manage it, including giving her insulin injections and always having frosting in the fridge which I was to spread on her gums if the need ever arose. She warned me that she had passed out Read more

Jan 16

He looks like a haunted little boy who is unknowingly possessed by a demon posing for a photo on the first day of school.

Dec 30

Okay so I really respect this show and what Phoebe Waller Bridge is doing and I love complicated protagonists (i.e. the narrator of My Year of Rest and Relaxation) but I just could not get myself to like this show even though I wanted to. Am I alone in this sentiment?

Dec 23

Lol just saw this comment as I was about to click away to do the same. Why did I think she was like a decade younger than him?

Dec 4

Might I suggest Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison instead? It’s not nearly as good and definitely is not as well written, but it’s still an interesting and horrifying story and is written by someone who is not a total monster (that I am aware of).

Dec 2

Has anyone here read How to Make Love Like a Porn Star? It’s so fucking good and it’s so disappointing that this is who Jenna Jameson has become.

Nov 14

Nothing says fighting the patriarchy like calling a random young woman a “fucking bitch” amirite ladies

Nov 13

Exactly. This is like Michael Che attacking random writers who critique SNL, Olivia Munn writing an essay attacking some bloggers or Lizzo put some poor Postmates worker on blast. If you’re famous or even semi-famous, and you’re using your public platform to call out people who no one has heard of, you’re an asshole.

Nov 13

Seriously. I’m a writer/absolute nobody who no one has heard of and I could never handle the results of a Google alert of my name.