Saturday 11:25PM

Right or wrong, Chrissy’s decision to tweet about this is not helping repair her reputation.

5/12/21 9:52PM

There’s something deeply unsettling about the fact that Chrissy told her to kill herself over DM. If she had done it exclusively through tweets it would have come off as a distasteful attempt at edgy, attention-seeking, dark humor—but through DM seems like she sincerely meant it, which is vile.

5/04/21 11:58AM

Appreciate you covering this. I was surprised and disappointed by the comment section on the last article from Jezebel about this—so many people tripping over themselves to try to see the nuance of a situation that is in fact quite clear cut to those of us in this particular literary community.

2/07/21 8:48PM

I’m not sure what “creepy white dude stuff” entails, but it sounds abusive, and sex workers don’t deserve that.

1/17/21 2:36PM

Surprised to see a writer from Jezebel of all places calling victims of abuse trolls, but okay!

12/16/20 12:41PM

Cardi B also had a large, maskless birthday party a mile from my apartment here in Las Vegas. Meanwhile my friends who work in the service industry are sick and in some cases dead from Covid-19. But yeah glad she’s having fun.

12/11/20 3:52PM

100% agree. As anyone who has ever been in abusive relationship knows, abusers are really, really good at apologizing. You’re right in saying that this type of apology comes from “savvier” individuals. It really is savvy in the sense that it is intended to sound genuine. Hell, he might even believe he means it too. In Read more

9/09/20 1:20PM

Same. My mom’s advice for everything is always “just make sure to eat healthy and exercise.” I have COVID-19 and she reminds me that I’ll be fine if I just eat healthy and exercise every day because apparently that is the cure.

9/08/20 8:54PM

Shannon, I can’t thank you enough for writing this. You touched on everything I’ve been feeling about OTF since the pandemic began. I was a long time OTF devotee, but after seeing how they rushed to reopen studios and then immediately began sharing sketchy studies on social media really disappointed me. The studio I Read more

9/03/20 12:01AM

I don’t think these extensions look bad. Let’s focus on their trash ethics.

8/29/20 6:57PM

This letter writer sure gives himself a lot of credit. He’s the ONLY reason why this woman has made all of her decisions regarding relationships, career, family, and mental health? 

8/18/20 11:43AM

I really appreciate you mentioning the sex work jokes that people often make about her. This is a blind spot for many liberals—we saw it again and again with Stormy Daniels when people on the left would say things like “At least our candidate didn’t sleep with a porn star.” We see it when beloved comedians (looking at Read more

8/14/20 7:47PM

I think it’s gross for Miley (or anyone!) to interact with Barstool Sports in any capacity. 

8/14/20 7:22PM

I absolutely love this movie. Had it on VHS and it was a go-to rewatch for my sister and I when we were in Catholic school because the approach to religion was so warm and accepting compared to the fire and brimstone we were hearing in theology class. This review really speaks to what’s great about it: It’s earnest Read more

7/29/20 3:10PM

Gonna use this in the (probably distant) future if I ever have a party that no one comes to or don’t hear back from a job I apply to. Guess everyone was just following social distancing guidelines!

7/20/20 3:32PM

A great reminder that there are no perfect victims and also more specifically that these two individuals are just...a huge mess, to put it lightly.

7/01/20 2:18PM

Wow that is awful; what an unfair decision to force someone to make. I know someone else who was permanently laid off from Mystere as well as someone who was permanently laid off from Zumanity. One of them lost their health insurance first and was then permanently laid off a few hours later. I’m not sure if Cirque is Read more

7/01/20 1:32AM

“The permanent layoffs will not affect Cirque du Soleil employees in Florida and Las Vegas” Read more