“And so it is, thou shalt block the brown people whomst accost thee on the internet, for thou canst not call the authorities on them” - 1st Becky 1:6
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Your comment comes across as somewhat dismissive and misogynistic. Read more

One good thing two years in a role that Best actor in a drama series did not go to a middle aged white dude. Read more

Matt Rhys and Keri Russell didn’t win and I am here within minutes to register my disgust on the internet. Read more

More *CLAP* fashion *CLAP* articles *CLAP* on *CLAP* Kotaku. Read more

You know what’s funny (and by funny, not at all) this is the ONLY thing white people don’t feel like an authority on. The white supremacy that they created and perpetuate daily is the one thing they do not feel qualified to tackle. White folks will want to expound on what Black people should do all day everyday but Read more

That’s a particular style of LEHNGA, not a sari.

Fun! I enjoy Cindy Sherman’s work. Read more

Of course, he had to go. He posted a meme about killing white women. (Half joke. I doubt he would have “resigned” if it would have been a racist joke that didn’t allude to harming white women.)
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Why do I have to be polite to strangers who are rude to me? Why is it my responsibility to be kind to someone (two people, in fact!) intruding on my space? They were rude to me. I was assertive back. I shouldn’t have to ask people “initially” to stay out of my fucking seat. Not my responsibility. Something tells me Read more

“‘Oh my gosh, is he serious?’” the bride-to-be added. “But I knew I was gonna say yes.” Read more

They were quick to release this body cam footage... Read more

I LITERALLY just said the same thing to my sister! “Hey, look, there’s gonna be an American Produce 101 rip-off!” and then cackled like the Wicked Witch of the West. Read more

Oh no guys, artisan cheddarbob spilled his hot starbucks all over his lap. Read more

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I literally just posted about this show! I loved this season and am pretty happy with the results except Samuel should have been on the team, and Korea did him wrong.

Well, Ed’s from Englandland so wouldn’t it be 12.874 km? Read more

How come women can’t go sleeveless when Paul Ryan is allowed to go spineless? Read more