Mar 24 2017

I am a person who got pregnant as a result of a rape. And I say this guy can go fuck himself.

Mar 24 2017

Anyone bringing theological debate to a secular legislature should be disqualified. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, you asshole.

Jul 15 2016

Good people don’t make “mistakes” like that. It was very malevoleant, cruel, and intentional.

May 25 2016

Far be it from me to tell consenting adults what to do, but whenever I read about stuff like this I always wonder, how do you discover that this is your kink? Do you see dogs and think, ‘that looks chill’? Because I don’t have a kink (yet) and if I am missing out on something I want to know.

May 18 2016

I’m fine with Bernie staying in the race to accumulate votes and show Democrats that there is broad, national support for a progressive agenda. I am not alright with him staying in the race in a desperate bid to win. Read more

May 13 2016

Julia not wearing shoes is her throwing shade at the Cannes organizers who last year strictly enforced a ludicrous, and sexist, rule that denied entry to women who were not wearing high heels.

Apr 24 2016

Van Kuilenburg’s appearance at Cruz’s rally was meant to call attention to the violent impact of such prejudice. He went, he told The Frederick News-Post, “to show Cruz supporters that rhetoric about gay and transgender rights hurts real people like him.” Read more

Dec 13 2015

Which is why I gave up FB and IG, and only Twitter for horse racing events (strictly only follow others who also only tweet about racing). Read more

Oct 28 2015

Also casually drop that you don’t intend to go into academia. I have a master’s and every damn interview they would seem convinced I was going to dump them for an academic job at any second. Once I pointed out a phd is required to be successful in academia in my field, it was like they suddenly took me more seriously.

Sep 12 2015

Haha! In his or her defense, that is a pretty dainty bite. :)

Sep 12 2015

The most curious part is that I had some already cut up and available. This was just on the counter in case I needed more.