3:14 PM

I clean as I cook so it makes more sense for me to perform the cleaning. All I ask is that my husband put his own plate in the dishwasher!

1:51 PM

I regret ever visiting this woman’s twitter. her tweet from 10:09 this morning compares a chimp to a black man, and ends with vote for trump. I think I’m going to vomit.

3:05 PM

I actually had her psychiatrist paged on Saturday, explained everything to him, and he called her that afternoon. Today I reminded her she also needs to make an appointment with her therapist.

3:15 PM

No... The video is about how freaking annoying it is to have to capture every moment of your life in a particular way, so that it may be posted on the Internet, and do that people can then think the poster is so introspective/fabulous/philosophical/beautiful/perfect, etc, etc... Read more

11:58 AM

if you’ve already seen a doctor to get the antibiotics, i would call and request steroids

10:15 PM

I would add a line to your cover letter stating that despite having a terminal degree, you understand that it does not entitle you to a title, and that you are eager to transfer the skills you learned in school to job x, and start from the ground up, or something of that nature. In industry, it’s common that hiring Read more

1:58 PM

I know you didn’t say that it doesn’t happen, I was just offering a situation where it does happen, and what the practice does with it. You mentioned wanting to see office policy, and I was sharing the policy that I have experienced in my own offices. Since it’s different than your experience, I felt it was worth Read more

11:59 AM

I’ve been asked for my ID often, and I’ve seen people compare my ID to the insurance card. Both are then scanned into the system.

10:51 PM

From a symptomatology perspective, dryness is a classic symptom of Sjögren’s (something like, 90% of patients present with it)... They’ll take a ton of bloodwork, and possibly do some ocular staining if the rheum agrees that Sjögren’s is a possibility. SLE has more of the rash and photosensitivity phenomena. SLE can Read more

10:30 PM

Both are very heterogeneous diseases that can be very patient specific in terms of symptoms and progression. I would focus on trying to make sure she is comfortable, that her quality of life is as high as it can be, and helping to get her in to see a rheum as soon as possible. Read more

5:15 PM

There are still dermatologists, including recently trained derms, who swear by bleach baths for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis patients. For AD I would recommend using products that contain ceramides, as most AD patients are a bit ceramide deficient.

1:34 PM

I know it’s really stressful, but it can take a “normal” woman up to a year to get pregnant, and each cycle, even with perfect timing, I think there’s a 20% chance of getting pregnant (per the literature). I know it’s hard, but please try to calm down. At 35 the timing drops to 6 months for an appointment request, but Read more

4:12 PM

I had to test out a loss multiple times, and I was able to get a positive test with a blood hcg of 5. Still don’t believe these people.