Vanguard Knight

His racism wasn’t even particularly extraordinary during his lifetime. Read more

Well the banned it but I think Satalac has it right, the racists will try to get around it.

Do you know what happened when the NASCAR organization asked its fans to politely stop bringing the flags in 2015?

The amount of flags at the next few shows tripled.

Good luck Mr. Wallace. I don’t see this happening. And such I am happy to stay far away from anything NASCAR related, including its fans.

The first I have heard of Doja Cat is the Root.
She can’t be THAT famous.

Kinda similar to all those youtube mumble rappers I am guessing.

Its why those City of Heroes servers should beware of the one run by 4chan. Just takes one reporter looking for some materials for a story to drop by the cesspool and paint all servers in that light for NCsoft to say enough.

I actually... liked the Penny Arcade comic.

I fear for the world when China becomes the hegemon. I have had little good experiences working and living with Chinese (American born/Mainland born) people in the states and aboard, which leads me to believe there will need to be a second Civil Rights fight during the 21st century.

I don’t get the Warcraft one. 

Its pretty clear to me that the decision to not take decisive disciplinary action and what actions taken quiet came from on high. It was taken out of the principal’s hands. He is playing along because he wants to keep his job. Read more

Well he is definitely going to get a pay out from the city.
The pay outs need to start coming from the officer’s pension pool.

I mean the black people in that community are paying to harrass themselves, AND paying restitution to themselves for racist cops.

I love the fact that the black people exist only to validate the garbage plot.

I honestly don’t understand the appeal of this show to black people at all.
What am I not getting?
Its not about us, its not for us. Why watch?

Its definitely a bad system too.
The pursuit of truth isn’t rewarded. Bodies in jail are.

Because the prosecutor is judged on how many people they put in jail.
Prosecutors who win cases are promoted/rewarded. Not ones who lose.

I myself have fallen to the greys in the great splinter purge, but I don’t want to risk elevating this person:

But I am always told that black people didn’t contribute anything to modern society. I wonder why we aren’t taught more about black pioneers and inventors like Mr. Harrison....

I find it incredibly hard to believe there are “no leads” on who is writing the messages. Read more