Vallen "cupcakes" Leigh

Honestly, I think Kaling's looks glamorous and the others are just average at best. She totally rocks it from hair and eyes to manicure. The other three photos would never look that amazing in black and white. Read more

But...but do they have Batman costumes? Read more

They're missing the real story here, which is: WHERE IS HER SCRUNCHIE? Read more

I remember exactly when I downloaded Candy Crush. It was this Sunday. Since then I have been talking so much trash to my friends on facebook, beating their scores, and they are like "dude, this game is old. WTF are you doing," and I say "STFU I CRUSH YOUR SCORES LIKE I CRUSH CANDY." Read more

I just howled with laughter for a straight minute. And I'm a wife. +1 Read more

Bonus Round: Vice

"A little thing that can turn into anything at anytime." Read more

Anyone else notice that Emma appears the same year the character of the same name appeared on Friends? Then you can literally see it spread like a plague until 2009's first Twilight movie shows up an it's replaced with Isabella. Read more

Well, my name, state, and year all match up. Read more

I see you, 2010 Twihard moms. Read more

I LOVE her. She is so naturally hilarious. Read more

First, who told Kenan he could speak. Shhhh, Kenan. Just shhhhhhhh. Read more

I'm am obsessed with Nicole Byer on Girl Code. In the late spring/early summer when I was going to the gym regularly, I'd find myself having to stop the treadmill so that I could laugh out loud** at something she'd said without a major treadmill mishap. Read more

Uh, WHAT? Donna Meagle, anyone!?

And this is exactly why I refuse to fuck with my hair. It's curly and frizzy and I do not give a shit. Natural long heavy metal hair FOREVER. Death to false hair!

Somehow "social media skill" won't have quite the same cache. Read more

So, I looked at the picture of Diana Nyad and thought she was with Steve Buscemi in the floral swim cap before realizing it was actually Richard Simmons. Read more