A woman who tested negative for HPV doesn’t need another Pap or HPV test for 3 years. Assuming that she follows the recommended schedule religiously, it could still be cutting it close. Read more

When I was younger, I would say love. Read more

This happens to me all the time. I meet someone or take a picture with them...and I just can’t figure out what to do with my hands. Give them a high five? Grab their genitals? Make shadow puppets? Read more

My friend cheated on his wife. He gave his wife multi-drug resistant gonorrhea. Read more

He has to tell his wife that he slept with another woman. She deserves to know. Read more

What you are describing is very typical. Read more

They are stopping ambulances traveling through Texas now? WTF? Read more

On one hand, I think women should have universal access to birth control. On the other, a visit to the gynecologist isn’t some unecessary regulatory burden that lacks a legitimate medical purpose. Read more

If she’s too young to have control over her own body, then she is too young to consent to sex. Do you support forcing all rape victims to carry to term? Read more

The Big Bang Theory features two highly accomplished female scientists (Amy and Bernadette) and a woman who successfully transitioned from acting/waitressing to pharmaceutical sales (Penny)...with the support of her female friend (Bernadette). Read more

Orthodox couples having sex through a sheet is an urban legend. The religious guidance on sex is pretty clearly pro-intimacy. Read more

Still rebuilding after a month? I would be shocked if they finished inspecting the structural integrity of every building in less than 6 months. Read more

We already have a system where those who pay the most in taxes are deemed the most worthy of benefits. Read more

The NFL doesn’t play minors. That doesn’t stop parents from slapping a set of pads onto their 5 year-old before dropping them off at football camp for the day. Read more

The Holocaust refers not only to the Final Solution, but to all of the persecution and discrimination that eventually lead to the Final Solution. Millions of people survived the Holocaust without ever seeing the inside of a concentration camp. Many Jews were killed in the Holocaust without ever making onto a cattle Read more

Google could cross reference their accessibility settings to help them identify their disabled users. And they could expand those settings to be applicable to all functionality. Read more

I hope the disabled community gave them hell about this. Google prides itself on making its technology as accessible as possible. And they are truly excellent at what they do in terms of accessibility. Read more

Donors do need follow-up care. But when the donor is an adult, we treat them like an adult and let them make informed decisions. Read more

Here’s the issue: Organ recipients need a lot very detail oriented follow-up care. There needs to be a caregiver who is capable of caring for the child, following a demanding treatment schedule, and managing all doctors appointments, follow up-surgeries, etc.. The father is definitely not presenting himself as an Read more

As a physically disabled, formerly working mother who came to banking from a STEM background, I respectfully disagree. I absolutely added much needed diversity of thought and experience. Read more