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Oct 12

Parts of Oahu can be nice. The north shore is cool if the surf is big. The island is kind of a different experience, a giant city plopped onto a tropical island. I had family out there for 4 years, and theyd complain and then as soon as they leave, a month later “i want to go back”. You just have to remember that its Read more

Oct 12

Thanks! Not sure we’ll still be there in 5 years but we’ll see. We’ve lived here for 11 years and that’s too long to stay in one place. Read more

Oct 12

We’ve decided living somewhere cheap (St Louis MO) isn’t worth it anymore. Yeah housing and gas is cheap as hell here but the quality of life trade offs aren’t worth it to us anymore. Read more

Sep 30

62 months from the FT-1 concept to the GR Supra. Pretty long, but doesn’t suprass the Citroën.

Aug 25

School administrators didn’t plan things properly? Color me amazed, as they usually have such a great record of respecting both teachers and students.