Darth Vadar Lives!
Today 10:05AM

I wouldn’t worry much about it. It’s not as though she’s replacing Hemsworth in the MCU. Read more

Yesterday 4:10PM

Most of those projects did make it out of his head. He’s just never found funding for them. Maybe he hasn’t been able to get funding because the people that have seen them don’t think that they’re good, but they’re not just whims that he mentioned once and then forgot.

Yesterday 4:04PM

Just give me Stratos.  That’s all I ask.

Yesterday 3:25PM

I’m already seeing whiners talking about how this yet-to-be-released series has gone super “woke” by taking to focus off of He-man and devoting it all to Teela. Read more

Yesterday 3:08PM

I’d argue that you’re better off not going down that road, and staying blissfully unaware of what NFTs are.

Monday 3:10PM

They fucked up so bad, Trek without birds of prey and proper Klingons is lame. What a clusterfuck the first part of Disco is, but it won’t end they have established that the Klingons are like that so if they come up again they will continue to suck.

Monday 2:41PM

Season 1 had some interesting ideas and performances (Jason Isaacs especially). Season 2 was the good stuff (who knew Anson Mount could act? At all?). Season 3 was a return to (dreck) form - easily the worst of the three seasons albeit with the plus of seeing a new time period.

Monday 9:58AM

My fan casting for an older and more worldly Velma would be Keiko Agena. Loved her as Edrisa on Prodigal Son. Sure she’d be an older Velma, but that could explain why Scooby isn’t around. Dogs don’t live that long... not even ones named Scooby-Doo.

Monday 9:48AM
2 has some set pictures of Ewan McGregor with his costume mostly concealed, if Jedi Masters in black ponchos are your thing. Head on over to see more. Read more

6/09/21 10:00AM

On the other hand, comment notifications are effectively broken, and now the shortcut for morning spoilers doesn’t work anymore. Read more

6/06/21 12:47PM

I don’t think I’ve seen one since that tank chase on the highway? I’ve got nothing against them but the lack of physics kind of gets to me.

6/04/21 6:53PM

No real physics were used in the making of this movie (I kid. I kid. Sort of)

6/04/21 6:27PM

That motorcycle/plane scene is mediocre CGI. Tom Cruise would have done it live.