May 6 2015

One of my favorite questions as an interviewee is, “What can I accomplish within the first 6 months that will make you confident that you made the right decision in hiring me?” Read more

Apr 27 2015

Apps tend to be more intuitive for a touch interface than the web version. Websites are designed with a curser and large screens in mind. On tablets, navigation is usually simpler, menus are better integrated, swiping around on an app is easier than touching small text on websites, etc. I pretty much avoid the browser Read more

Apr 27 2015

As someone who has used both a hell of a lot over the span of time I’ve always leaned towards Read more

Sep 16 2014

I don't. I just repeat the word correctly later in the conversation, as seamlessly as possible and hope they catch it.

Sep 10 2014

Arguments about the Apple Tax are stale, bordering on outright false. Apple products aren't necessarily overpriced. They're just expensive. The same quality laptop from a different manufacturer might cost you the same. Read more