Today 2:59AM

This. I’m more B tipping back into B- on this one. Biggest laugh was Nintendo 69. Three or four solid chuckles. Pre-show promo shit is never helpful. Here and all over the place, with this show and others , someone slips a tidbit to CinemaBlend or ScreenRant, blah blah Easter eggs in the promo, “it could be about this Read more

Today 12:48AM

I think I’ve seen every single episode of both of these shows (and Home Improvement too) for the sole reason that they were on in between Simpsons reruns in the 90s and 00s and I’ll at least back you up on Drew Carey, that was a bad example. Maybe the writer’s thinking of According to Jim or something. Read more

Today 12:26AM

I lament that the show just lacks any interest in having any sense of character progression but doesn’t seem to mind baiting the audience with it. I still like the show but the show’s brand of nihilism makes it hard for these characters to actually grow. And that’d be fine if the show was more like Solar Opposites or Read more

Yesterday 9:22PM

There are all kinds of patient portals already — Follow My Health, My Pro Health, and the Health Savings Accounts where you can pull money from even after you’ve left a job, etc. This isn’t a conspiracy. This is how healthcare has been operating for decades.

Yesterday 9:04PM

Alan Moore himself was explicit about his own thoughts about the relationship between Birth of a Nation and superhero comics...I’d disagree with those who say the graphic novel didn’t engage with race, but the HBO series responds to that in vivifying ways. Like, yes, I’m sure they’re all very aware that Hooded Justice Read more

Yesterday 9:03PM

the characters are using their exaggerated characteristics to make their personality shine even more... the movie does a very good job to bring them to life, and imo what it adds holds up Read more

Yesterday 8:27PM

I mean, the main character being a cop and having allies within the force is proof enough that this isn’t what the show is saying. It’s deconstructing the concept of vigilantism as presented in popular media by pointing out that if we actually lived in a world like Watchmen where vigilantism became a common Read more

Yesterday 8:00PM

You mean like how the police are examined as both an institution with people genuinely trying to upholding the law but that is built on institutional racism which makes it hard to tell ally from enemy? Read more

Yesterday 7:54PM

Okay, I love Jean Smart, and I’m glad she was cast, but as someone who thinks Sigourney Weaver should play every character in every medium, this was a heck of a thing to hear.

Yesterday 7:51PM

In the series, we go to full-on “in your face” current social issues. No subtlety, no implications, no nuance. Read more

Yesterday 5:26PM

I addition to the excellent points you make, changing the flag wouldn’t change the way it is treated. By having a new flag, you’d be giving them something else to co-opt. Additionally, they’d hold on to the current flag as a symbol of their “heritage” and scream even louder about it being taken away. I don’t even want Read more

Yesterday 3:21PM

Aren’t Grandmaster and the Collector brothers or something? Them. Would love to see Goldblum and BDT playing with those characters for two hours.
Read more

Yesterday 3:11PM

Nah, the Incredible Hulk is 1000% an MCU film, fullstop. And Marvel entirely owns the film. Read more

Saturday 10:43AM

J.D and Turkleton are the two that I immediately thought of. This list is invalid until they are included.

Saturday 10:23AM

Re: “fiscal conservatives”. He gave money to Trump, who is a fucking far-right lunatic and arguably not even a “fiscal conservative”. That destroys your argument right there and then. McConnell isn’t much better and certainly isn’t a “fiscal conservative”. Indeed, he is in his position because he isn’t just a “fiscal Read more

Wednesday 10:34AM

if we have technology to build machines or even just simple materials that can last 100k+ years and still function -- we won’t need to go anywhere. We can build anything we need right here.