Monday 1:32PM

I think all it would take is for the TVA to be destroyed or stopped somehow. New timelines seem to start pretty easily, and they have to go and blow them up before they solidify.

Sunday 11:37PM

Sadly expansion passes are pretty regularly sold with only 2 DLCs planned now. Honestly if you get more than 2 major DLCs then it probably means they split the content of one in to something smaller.
For not being a AAA developer, Outer Worlds sold well, and it did pretty good numbers over time despite not having a Read more

Sunday 11:33PM

Oh definitely. I didn’t get it right away so I knew when I was going in to it that it wouldn’t be a New Vegas attempt, and I think it helped me enjoy the game a lot more. Hopefully with their next game, the fantasy FPS, people will have better expectations and not expect something like an Elder Scroll game.

Sunday 11:31PM

Its possible Marvel is dictating that these characters look more like their MCU counterpart, or its just that the developers know that the MCU versions are that big of a draw to most people.
Even in the last Ultimate Alliance game a LOT of characters ended up basically being their MCU versions. The Guardians in Read more

Sunday 7:59PM

While part of me wants more Neverwinter, part of me would rather not deal with the modern 5e Forgotten Realms. Baldur’s Gate 3 almost looks more like a new NWN game than it does a BG game, so I suppose if it ever gets released as an actual finished game we can go with that.

Sunday 2:55PM

Oh right, very good point. NWN 2 didn’t have quite that level of cut content, but you could still feel like there was a ton of finishing touches that never got put in place. Its just been their thing, hasn’t it?

Sunday 2:31PM

It’ll likely be a little while despite the announcement. They’ve got another game in the works already that’s looking like a fantasy version of Outer Worlds. Its set in their Pillars of Eternity world, so won’t be quite as wild and weird. I’m not sure how many games they can really do at one time.

Sunday 2:21PM

Yeah having to cut planned portions because they didn’t get enough money has held back all of the recent Obsidian games. Both Pillars of Eternity games had chunks where you could really feel like there was stuff missing, and it just detracted from a lot of the game. Maybe they’ll be better off now that they’re not Read more

Friday 8:16AM

Back when I was really little and couldn’t quite play most games on my own (early days of NES and PC stuff) I would watch my dad play and I would frequently draw out maps on these big stacks of green graph paper he’d bring home from work.
My dad still has a box full of maps I drew for games like the original Zelda, Read more

Thursday 7:07PM

Looks fun, but damn it...now I just want some Advance Wars.

Thursday 6:50PM

Yeah its a shame they never wanted to use too much of the fantasy elements of the Thor comics. Going with the “not really magical, magical aliens” wasn’t a bad idea, but it would have been nice to get the wilder fantasy aspects added in once they had audiences hooked.
The dark elves would have been perfect for it,

Thursday 6:06PM

Getting in on the peak of vampire and battle-royale popularity, I see.
If they expand this to more of the WoD and we get some werewolves, hunters and changelings in the mix, then I’ll be more excited.

Thursday 5:17PM

Yeah I don’t actually thin going 1st person would be fun. I was just repeating the idea that I’d seen floating around the internet. 3rd person would be better, and honestly a game that did this gimmick would probably be more about building a deathtrap that gets anyone else playing it killed by dinosaurs in creative Read more

Thursday 4:55PM

The Jurassic World universe is apparently one where dinosaurs are bullet-proof.

Thursday 2:45PM

I still wish we’d get a JP game that uses that premise people have been passing around the internet for a while. Big park construction game, but after your park is done, the dinosaurs break out and you’re forced in to a 1st person survival game to escape your own park.

6/09/21 9:21PM

I’ve got a lot of casual MCU fans in my family, and they liked it. The whole “we’ve got tons of infinity stones, they’re no big deal” thing got the exact point across to them that the show wanted. The TVA really is super powerful, and they haven’t shown up before because even Thanos’ stuff was too small-time for them.

6/09/21 9:18PM

It was basically because the first Kree they showed off was a white guy, but they eventually wanted the Kree to be a different color so they’d stand out more, so they just said that Kree skin tones are mostly blue with some “pink skins” that are basically Caucasians. Kree ethnicities, essentially.

6/09/21 9:14PM

When trying to make something look futuristic, designers often run in to the problem of it looking dated relatively fast because its very easy to pick out a decade that something comes from by what it views as “futuristic.” But when you make something retro-futuristic, it doesn’t feel as dated of a design choice when Read more