Uwe Ellinghaus

None. Too busy buying all the stuff. That's the advantage... Read more

China because of the growth potential. The European market it the toughest in the world. We want to be there, but will remain nieche. Read more

We are not afraid. Stay tuned... Read more

Yes, we do sell in Japan. China is with distant our biggest market abroad. Read more

Apply to GM. You can help in the transformation of the company. There is no more exciting task out there... Read more

I know you are here. And I do care. Send me your e-mail address and I follow up. Read more

The first thing I want people to associate is "Passion" Read more

We will get there, but it will take time. Read more

I cannot imagine a world without V's! Read more

Send me your e-mail address and I will help you! Read more

No, it reminded me of Roman emperors. And they tend to be dead for 2,000 years. Read more

Almost all of them, particularly 1967 Eldorado. But then I need to remind myself that nobody would want that car today. Cadillac's cars were always looking forward rather than backwards. Retro does not fit to the brand. We have always been futuristic Read more

Clearly, my aspiration does not stop with a CTS or an Escalade. Give me time. Read more

It is part of the idea of luxury to offer customers choice, but you are right, there are limits. Read more

We want to be on eye-level with our German arch rivals BMW, MB, Audi. Not by emulating them, but by providing a more individual alternative. Read more

Now we know we have a chime fan. Cadillac needs some work. On the case. The laws of branding are universal. That helps Read more

We wanted to be a bit provocative, but the public response was really unexpected Read more

It took BMW decades before they became a valued alternative to a Mercedes and Audi needed decades to get closer to BMW. Whilst I have hope that the digital age makes our journey faster, it will take time . Read more