Sounds like we have our first volunteer. Read more

See this is one of those situations where you think that your experiences are universal. It’s not that most people aren’t “honest” enough to admit that they don’t care about other people and want them to die, it’s that most people actually don’t wish mass death on other people. Read more

You know, writing this is the work of a failed human who is morally the same as, say, Dylan Roof, just less “focused” and too “cool” (fortunately) - or lazy - to put their “beliefs” into action. Read more

Characterizing billions of people you don’t know as a herd needing culling not only makes you dumb, but an aggressively resistant kind of dumb. Believing the death of billions of people wouldn’t be an unimaginable catastrophe makes you so myopic you must be looking through your own asshole to see the world.

Your Read more

What an incredible misunderstanding of the capacity for the planet and society to handle humanity.  We’re nowhere near “needing a plague”. Read more

Here’s something to ponder on a pragmatic mind: it’s not deadly enough to cull human population, but it’s damaging enough on the society that it will leave the population crippled instead. The financial cost alone can set back humanity progress by a couple years if not decade. Read more

Oh yeah nothing screams pragmatism like wanting to deal with mass deaths from a contagious illness. Read more

The actual problem is wishing for people to get ill and die Read more

If nothing actually matters then why are you wishing for people to die? Nihilism is moronic and lazy. You’re just scared to reckon with the fact that your actions do matter. Read more

What about after Revenge of the Sith? Sure, the Empire was in control, but does that mean it was all bad? Seems like there were more Jedi still around, more of your favs/mentors still around and there was peace, awful peace, but still peace. Read more

Disney let the past die, kill it if you have too. No more of this please. Something new now. Honestly... just give Jon Faverau total creative control for a little bit he’s done the most unimpeachable job of a Star Wars creator... ever with The Mandalorian.   Read more

I dunno, does it go around shouting “EXTERMINATE”? Read more

The movie is called The Invisible Man, so revealing that he turned himself invisible isn’t really a spoiler. Read more

So, assuming there isn’t assigned seating: Read more

What I truly do not understand about incidents like this is why they (cops) don’t walk in, figure out the caller is on some bullshit and then give them a citation for the aforementioned bullshit. The wslasting of their time is one thing but the deterrence of future incidents should be another. I’m not even going to Read more

He collects buttons and she teaches yoga to cats. Read more

All my believability for this movie went out the window when they show that young couple even think of being able to afford a home of that size. Read more

Schroedinger’s Zabrak; Maul is both alive and dead, depending on your point of view. Read more

Where in the timeline are you? This is well before Rebels where he died. Teenage Ahsoka, non-Vader Anakin and younger Obi-Wan ought to be little hints. Read more