Apr 4 2017

That’s great for Russell Westbrook but Mike Trout is still the superior hitter by nearly every advanced metric

Nov 3 2016

aight that’s 15,934 “stick to sports”es and 1 “stick to politics.” long way to go but keep at it bud

Sep 1 2016

There’s no respect any more for being straight and white in this country.

Feb 15 2016

It’s not my place to say if it does that or not. I haven’t read the literature

Sep 18 2015

3,000 miles away, yet still the closest he’s come to a champion sheep.

Aug 19 2015

Well, how is he supposed to know if he did anything wrong if someone doesn’t beat the shit out of him first?

Aug 18 2015

Man, this is so much cooler than when Jack Johnson’s parents stole my kid’s piggy bank.

Aug 18 2015

I call bullshit on this. No way Rob can fit his way through that door, even if there isn’t a car in there.

Aug 17 2015

Buddy of mine jumped the rails for a arrested. Not for the trains thing....turns out he sold crude pornographic drawings of the Tomb Raider to kids from here to Wichita. I guess he’s dead now. I think of him every time a train goes by.