3:28 AM

I know this is going to sound like spite, envy and whatever similar negative emotion because my own team is super mediocre. (There’s a percentage of that, no denying it)
But honestly, the NFL will be much more interesting when this Brady/Belichick duo stops dominating the league (No need to point to me they seem to Read more

10:48 PM

Is ... Is Matt Lauer really blaming his daughter for the very vile, very misguided statement he issued yesterday?? 

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10:34 PM

I can’t be arsed to search the ethnicity of the principal, but remember a Black woman judge just hugged a White woman officer convicted murdering an innocent Black man and gave her her personal Bible after sneering at a now deceased witness. Read more

4:20 PM

There are plenty of people in positions of power or authority who don’t behave like this.  Meanwhile some are born psychos who don’t have the ability to act like Lauer until they’re in one of those roles, or are (to your point) gradually corrupted over time because no one ever tells them ‘no.’

2:17 PM

So heartbreaking. My step mom is a school counselor in a place with a fairly bad opioid problem, and told me about a 5 year old kindergartner whose mother was an addict. The kid was so worried about leaving her alone home everyday that he’d make himself sick at school. He didn’t know the specifics, but knew something Read more

10:15 AM

A+ statement. Matt Lauer should take notes on that. 

9:08 AM

It still airs on PBS, there's just a nine month lag in the new episodes so the rich kids get the new episodes way before the lowly poor kids. 

8:42 AM

Also, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody goes out into the world expecting to be a victim and sometimes when it happens it seems so unreal and you can’t possibly believe something horrible is actually happening to you when it’s happening to you. 

7:57 AM

Because I’ve been in relationships with psychopaths and narcissists, I can tell you that I thought his behavior was my problem. That I thought I had done something wrong. That I was being gaslighted and emotionally abused and I thought it was my fault, because it would be made up to me with sweet words and actions. Read more

12:50 AM

Predators don’t lure victims by being ranting, lunging slobber-dogs. They lure with whirlwind romance, insistence on having a family right away, posing as a mentor, and anything else that generates trust and love. If their marks don’t respond they move on to the next one, all the while making sure they’re publicly Read more

12:18 AM

Her focus is on her kids - that they now have to be subjected to the humiliation of it out in the press and social media. He had a massive amount of entitlement that allowed him to abuse power and be downright disgusting. She didn’t think she married THAT man. He may not even have been like that in the beginning. He Read more

12:04 AM

I’m glad you have never met a sociopath. They can be charming. If all monsters looked like monsters everyone would be safe.

12:02 AM

“I’m always super surprised by people married to predators who don’t seem to realize it. How much interalized misogyny must someone have before they accept some behaviour is beyond the pale.” Read more

11:01 PM

She originally filed for divorce in 2006 and accused him of “cruel and inhumane” treatment in the divorce papers. She also said he exhibited “extreme anger and hostility” toward her. Read more

10:44 PM

My first question reading the title was “Why?” And then of course you find out because some fucking vultures are hounding her for a quote.  It is beyond a shame she even had to release a statement like this.

10:35 PM

She divorced him, people shouldnt be asking her about this. She isn’t required to have an opinion on her ex -husbands criminal behavior.