UsagiBunny*can't star anyone*

I just want to say congratulations. That is incredible! Read more

I can’t tell if my comment posted, so sorry if it’s here twice. Read more

Can we get a movie or limited series on her? Pursuing science degrees in the 40s. Married to someone who saw her as a true partner, raising daughters who all pursued science. Read more

They will become sentient and they will never forget.

That’s cute. There are nearly 9 million migrant workers in KSA who have worked in the country for decades doing the jobs that regular Saudis won’t do and endured some of the most horrible abuse you can imagine but please, grant citizenship to a f*cking robot.
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I’m not saying we need corn pop diversity. Corn pops aren’t people! But if you’re going to the trouble of making one brown, let it party with the other corn pops, for god’s sake. Read more

I’m not going to blame the brand, because I can guarantee you this was the work of some little dipshit MAGA troll in advertising who did this and is probably having a real big fucking laugh over it with his 4chan buds right now. I mean, why is there even a fucking janitor there in the first place? It’s completely out Read more

Audio of him saying he ran as a Trojan Horse to undo the Republican party from the inside, and that he, the DNC, Hillary and George Soros were all in on it. Read more

It’s been speculated the Mueller probably already has his tax returns. He’s added someone from the IRS to his investigative team.
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I don’t watch network news either, but I know how my neighbors feel because they all read the single local news rag. The Oprah programme was featured here on Jezebel with a link, otherwise I would not have known of it. Fortunately there was considerable Trump criticism in the full version and, imo, his supporters Read more

Constipation. He’s totally full of shit! Read more

Good for you! Use that platform. I don’t think they are reading/seeing the same news that we are. Around here, as long as “they got their’s”, they don’t care what he is. They’ll be crying soon enough, tho - not blaming themselves. Read more

Every time I see whatever that is masquerading as a smile I am both disturbed and enraged. His face looks like it’s cringing with the unfamiliar grimace. And the trust-me veneers. Read more

Remember Oprah’s recent sit-down with some folks-divided in Michigan (?) That 30-something sales-dude who just loves it, loves him, loves him more every day for what 45 is doing for us. Read more

How in the fuck is this sleazy, lying, shit bag, still in office?

While I assume most of what he says is utter horseshit, I do believe him when he talks about reliance on hard copies of everything. While he has been seen with a laptop, and his phone for twitter on the shitter each morning, I do not think he directly uses a computer for anything else.
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I don’t think a tape with underage girls would do it. A tape with underage boys though... Read more

You and me both, sister, You and me both. Read more

I don’t know how I feel about this. Excited that something might get done? Appalled that we have sunk to needing Larry Flynt? Worried that this might all blow up (literally and figuratively) in our faces? Read more