5:27 PM

It doesn’t matter WHO she killed. She was a minor at the time and should have gone to juvie or a mental health facility, not prison.

I think that if she was white and/or male, she would have gotten 90 days. I’m totally serious. Our justice system is lopsided for people of color and it’s not right to just accept that Read more

12:10 PM

There are ways to get these people the proper IDs they need. It is a bit complicated but should work.
Read more

10:48 AM

Yeah, looking back, I’m not sure that it was the force of Scott Baio and Ted Nugent that propelled Trump to the presidency while only piddly nobodies like Beyonce and Meryl Streep shilled for that hack Clinton. 

11:45 AM

I’m counting on you to take down Blackburn. I’m doing my part here in Florida with Gillum and Nelson. Don’t let us down!!

9:54 PM

I know the following is true: Domestic abuse is unacceptable, inexcusable, and incredibly harmful. Ms. Morgan has bravely come forward and shared her experiences from an abusive marriage. Her account has been corroborated by her peers and backed up by audio recordings and police reports. She is a survivor, I see her, Read more

12:52 PM

Um, I think these old white guys know a little bit more about the emotions that female victims of sexual assault go through than the actual victims, thank you very much.

7:11 PM

She looks enough like Luna Lovegood that my headcanon is well satisfied.

3:45 PM

Well, except that in practice the kind of “everyone play nice and we’ll focus on one thing at a time” approach you’re suggesting alleviates limited forms of oppression while further entrenching others. White feminism hurts nonwhite women, bioessentialist feminism hurts trans women, capitalist feminism hurts working Read more

6:57 PM

I prefer the dating app “Mumble” where people refuse to enunciate clearly and may or may not be saying passive aggressive things under their breath.

6:52 PM

Why does she need to say anything? Why do we immediately turn to the closest woman and burden her with the responsibility of answering for some shitty man’s actions? Why does it always bounce back on women?

5:41 PM

While I can’t speak for her personally, indigenous women have faced specific challenges when it comes to birth control and reproductive autonomy. Having healthcare through Indian Health Service (IHS) can mean being subject to stricter abortion laws than a Medicaid recipient, for instance. Some women also have Read more

5:34 PM

When your people went through forced marches off their lands and essentially state run genocide for many generations, you’re able to reproduce as you like. More importantly she doesn’t come off like a douchebag commenter tacitly making a racist douchebag point.

5:20 PM

I have another stupid celebrity story that is of little consequence but I must still get it off my chest. Read more

10:10 AM

Thank you. Validating the lens through which I see what happened means a lot. (People may laugh and call that psychobabble, but you’re 100% speaking my language, and it meant a lot.)

2:58 AM

Thank you so much for saying that. Whenever I talk about it, I feel like I’m oversharing and that I really ought to stop writing out the details of my assault for all the internet to see. But reading accounts like Grace’s helps me understand and contextualize my experience. If sharing my account can help someone do Read more

3:38 PM

1. We do have a term for it - sexual coercion. It covers encounters like this that aren’t necessarily illegal, but aren’t exactly super consensual either, because one person made the other person feel like they couldn’t refuse sex. When someone is ignoring your attempts to shut sex down, it’s hard to be 100% sure that Read more

12:58 PM

I recall a skit on SNL right before the election, where they called Hillary “President Clinton”, with the joke being they might as well just call it ahead of time. It was common to hear the belief that it was a literal impossibility for Trump to win. Folks were braced for his undemocratic unacceptance of his loss. Read more