Adam Rowe
Jan 30 2016

Well it’s an academic journal, so....

Dec 6 2015

Since 2001, people have been declaring their religion as ‘Jedi’ on official census campaigns. The upside to this is that it’s been encouraging more people to take part in official census campaigns. Barnes and Noble takes a look.

Aug 29 2015

The book is published by Lulu.com, not a vanity press but rather a POD self-publishing house. The difference being they don’t bag the author with all the extra fees and add-ons.

Aug 23 2015

‘B’ could have a vowel on the other side, though. That was not explicitly ruled out.

Aug 19 2015

You’re biased about your biases. “We judge whether we have a bias by examining our thoughts, and because we believe our thoughts are rational, we often think we’re not biased when we are... And the more we convince ourselves that we don’t have certain biases, the more likely we are to exhibit them.” [Nautilus] Read more

Jul 19 2015

I don’t think the first player even has to place his first cigar in the center to win. He will win regardless. Read more

Jul 19 2015

If player 1 lays the middle of the first cigar across the midpoint, so that the table remains symmetrical, you get essentially the same situation: Now player 1 can mirror player 2’s moves, until player 2 runs out of options. Using this strategy, player 1 can always win.

Jun 22 2015

I choose to read this as “won’t get a fourth season on NBC”. It could still get picked up by Amazon, I think. Although as stopping points go, ending with the Red Dragon storyline makes a certain amount of sense.

Jun 5 2015

Or something you would read to your four-year-old, which would be pretty cool.